How would you describe the IBM Summit Program?

Picture of Carrie Carrie,
BS Genetics, MBA
Data Management Specialist

"I like describing it as the 'vitality' program where IBM hires some of the best and brightest from graduate and undergraduate programs to provide a pipeline of future IBM leaders."

Picture of O'Neil O'Neil,
BA International Economics, MBA
Client Representative - Retail Industry

"The program is set up to help prepare future IBM sellers by teaching time tested IBM best sales practices from an art and science perspective. It takes sellers through a number of different scenarios ranging from the initial meeting with a client to closing a deal, all the while educating the seller on IBM products, services, value differentiators, and sales methods."

Picture of Katherine Katherine,
BA Political Science and Peace Studies
System z® Software Sales Specialist

"It's an unparalleled opportunity for world-class training and professional development. The program provides not only the skills needed to be successful in the field, but also a national network of leaders in IBM."

What was the main reason you selected this program?

Picture of Masha Masha,
BS Computer Science, MBA
Client Representative - Health and Life Sciences

"As a graduate of an MBA program with a background in technology and IT, I was looking for a role that would utilize my business and tech skills... Sales was the perfect fit... I was very attracted to the IBM Summit Program because of the training, mentoring, as well as ability to meet other new Sales people and build a network within IBM."

Picture of Nick Nick,
BS Computer Science, MBA
IBM Tivoli® Storage Software Sales Leader

"I enjoyed working for IBM as an intern, but I discovered that my passion was not being a hands-on tech person. My passion was to be on the business side of IT. The IBM Summit Program gave me the opportunity to spend my time helping clients make technology decisions based on business requirements."

What aspects of training have you found to be most helpful?

Picture of Jason Jason,
BS Marketing, MBA
Client Representative - Industrial Sector

"My first meeting after completing global sales school was with the VP of Procurement for a major client. It was amazing how much overlap there was between that meeting and the final simulation in Global Sales School. I knew how the meeting should be conducted, led, and influenced because I had just been in that situation one week earlier in Global Sales School... For those MBAs wondering how they can utilize the full scope of their business education while continuing to build skills and overcome challenges, this program is the answer."

Picture of Christopher Christopher,
BA English and Political Economy, MBA
Software Client Leader

"I will apply what I learned during IBM Global Sales School for the rest of my professional life: building value, negotiating success and operating efficiently for the benefit of my clients, my team and myself."

Picture of Elizabeth Elizabeth,
BA History
Client Representative - Healthcare Industry

"It teaches you the ins and outs of specifically selling as an IBMer. Through in-class and 'field' experience, we learn ways that can bring value to the customer and their business. This training builds confidence and the knowledge that is essential to ultimately build customer relationships and create long term goals together."

Picture of Patrick Patrick,
BA Psychology and Economics, MA Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Behavior
Client Solution Executive - Global Process Services

"Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the program is providing new hires with the opportunity to meet and befriend their peers. Many business and personal relationships held close by IBMers throughout our corporation stem from their experiences in this course."

What makes the IBM Summit Program unique?

Picture of Sean Sean,
BS Computer Science, MBA
IBM WebSphere® on z Technical Sales Specialist

"The program thoroughly prepares individuals for being able to properly provide sales and technical knowledge for all customer engagements that we are involved in. I felt this training was light years ahead of the training I received in my first year at my previous company."

Picture of Tina Tina,
BA Communication
IBM System z Software Sales Specialist

"My first thought is the people. What an amazing team of talented, inspiring, energetic people - not only other University hires but also IBMers who have been here for decades. You can see that they truly want to help and see you thrive. My second answer would be the program's commitment and dedication to spend time, money and resources to train, push and teach young minds to do their best. IBM does set a high standard, but creates a wonderful collaborative environment to encourage positive growth."

Picture of Collin Collin,
BS Cognitive Science, MBA
Coverage Software Sales Representative

"The immense level of experience that the instructors had. We were mentored by a group of retired IBM sales people that had 28+ years experience. Also, the program gets you away from selling product and into selling business value."

Picture of Joeseph Joseph,
BS Business Administration, MS & MBA Organizational Leadership
Systems Sales Manager

"It has both in-classroom and in-field training aspects incorporated into it. During the program I not only participated in mock sales calls with my instructors but I also had the opportunity to shadow some of IBM's top sales reps, sales managers, and sales executives. I was also given the opportunity to jump in and help the team I was shadowing.

Any comments for those who may be considering the program?

Picture of Rich Rich,
BS Telecommunications and Computer Networking, MBA
System z Security, Risk Executive Advisor

"I have used the basis from this program throughout my IBM career thus far, from closing multi-million dollar deals to participating in IBM's Corporate Service Corps in Brazil."

Picture of Josh Josh,
BS Business Administration
Public Sector Sales Representative

"As a university hire with IBM sales, IBM is making an investment in you, your career, and ultimate success as an IBMer, a person, and professional. For the first few months of your career you focus on education and preparation to take into your eventual role in one of the best sales forces in the world."

Picture of Tim Timothy,
BA Sociology, MA Sports Management and Communications
Brand Specialist - Enterprise Content Management

"I would highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to work for a company that values an environment of integrity and a belief in hard work. My experiences at IBM have been outstanding, and I think that anyone who is looking to gain outstanding training in a great company should look no further than IBM."

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