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FAQ: Hiring process

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Who may apply?

Recent MBA, MS and BS graduates may apply to the program. Candidates applying to the program should be in good academic standing and demonstrate a passion for working in a consultative selling position.

How do I apply for the S&D Summit Program?

Interested applicants apply to the program by viewing the position descriptions and clicking on the "Apply now" link or by accessing the website:

IBM does not recruit on my campus. May I still apply for the program?


When will IBM be recruiting on my school's campus or a school's campus near me?

IBM recruits at many college campuses across the nation. Please contact the student career services office at your university to see the list of companies who will recruit on campus.

How can I get additional information about the program?

IBM recruiters who attend campus or national student organization recruiting events can provide additional information about the program. If you are unable to attend a recruiting event be sure to visit the IBM website

If I have questions after my interview who should I contact?

In most cases, the IBM recruiter who schedules your interview will notify you who to contact should you have any questions after your interview.

After I submit my application when can I expect to hear back from IBM?

The program team makes every effort to respond to applicants in a timely manner; however, due to the number of applications received IBM cannot guarantee a response by a certain date. The status of your application can be viewed by logging into the IBM website at and clicking on "My Account".

How are the interview and hiring processes structured?

Candidates who are selected for the interview process may be asked to participate in phone, video and/or face-to-face interview(s).

When would I start work?

Start dates may be staggered from late June through early August each year. You will be given your start date when you are selected to join our team.

FAQ: Training

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How does IBM prepare S&D Summit Program participants to be successful?

The goal of the IBM training program is to ensure YOUR success. Program participants will receive comprehensive training on IBM's consultative sales methodology, product and service portfolio, and client-facing skills.

What does IBM's 12-week Global Sales School entail?

Over a 12-week period, Global Sales School participants will focus on 15-20 activities that drive the performance of IBM's most successful sellers. In true-to-life sales situations, sellers perform tasks based on real work such as sales calls, receiving feedback, navigating IBM, using IBM sales resources, and creating sales deliverables.

How will I learn about IBM's product and services portfolio?

After Global Sales School, program participants will complete three week-long training modules known as IBM Top Gun. Top Gun classes are designed to orient new sellers to IBM's software, hardware, and services offerings. Those sellers who will be product aligned will receive additional customized education on their brand(s).

Will I receive developmental and performance feedback during IBM Global Sales School and IBM Top Gun training?

Yes! During Global Sales School, participants will receive feedback after each sales call and at the conclusion of each team deliverable. Program managers will also provide new hires with feedback on their engagement with their designated landing team, program participation, and their overall performance.

FAQ: Enablement/Landing

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After Global Sales School and Top Gun training, do I go straight into the field?

Yes, if you will be a Client Representative. The duration of training depends on the new hire role. After GSS and Top Gun, there is an enablement period of approximately 3 months for product sales specialists and approximately 6 months for information technology sales specialists. During this period, new sellers will learn specifics related to the product they will be selling and the territory to which they will be assigned.

What is the process for transitioning from training to the landing team?

During GSS, each new seller will be assigned an Expert Mentor. The Expert Mentor will typically be the new seller's First Line Manager once training is completed. The new seller is assigned individual learning activities called PARRs that must be completed with the Expert Mentor. These PARRs give the new seller and his/her Expert Mentor opportunities to interact with one another during the training period. In addition, new sellers are encouraged to introduce themselves and spend time with other members of their landing team.

When do I find out what my specific role / territory / accounts will be?

This will vary according to the needs of the business. Some new sellers will know their exact role at time of hire, while others will find out later in their training period.

Are there any shadowing opportunities?

Yes. New sellers are encouraged to shadow and observe experienced sellers whenever their training schedule permits.

FAQ: Mentoring

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What does mentoring mean at IBM?

Mentoring is an important career development experience in IBM and all employees are empowered to use mentoring as a way to enhance their skills and achieve their long-term career aspirations. IBM defines three types of mentoring, enabling employees to choose which method best suits their mentoring needs and interests:

  1. Expert Mentoring - Addresses the transfer of business critical skills and expertise
  2. Career Mentoring - Tends to be long-term career guidance and coaching where the mentor is typically someone who has several years of experience and has held a variety of job responsibilities
  3. Socialization Mentoring - Targets new hires to assist them to make a quick and smooth transition into IBM or a new department

What is the role of a Connections Coach?

The Connections Coach is the "go to" person for new employees. Their role is to help new employees feel connected, communicate to the new employee at least 10 days before their first day, welcome the new employee on day one, contact the new employee weekly during the first 60 days, and provide a penalty free environment for the new employee to adjust and learn.

What is the role of the First Line Manager?

The First Line Manager (FLM) is responsible for recruiting and on-boarding activities, executing all HR related programs and processes, and conducting at least monthly status updates with the new seller.

Opportunities available

Opportunities are available to build your future Made with IBM

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IBM Summit Program benefits

  • Intensive development program with experienced IBMers as mentors
  • Network of relationships with top-performing future and current IBM leaders
  • Challenging and dynamic work assignments