Our clients are game changers. We’re looking for sales professionals to help them paint the future.

At IBM, our clients have the future in mind. They want to transform their organizations and entire industries. They want to enter the cognitive era and seize the endless possibilities, where digital intelligence meets digital business. Our job is to help them get there. As part of IBM’s exceptional sales team, you will have access to the entire IBM organization to develop original ideas that help clients create the world they imagine.

The future is calling. Explore the opportunities.

IBM Sales & Industry Learning

Set SAIL with IBM, where you can take a short trip to a life-changing destination. The world-class learning provided with IBM Sales & Industry Learning (SAIL)
will transform the way you work and how you interact with clients.

Transform yourself

No matter where you are in your career, SAIL has something to offer. New sales professionals will learn ways to develop and test your expertise. More experienced sellers can anticipate client needs and use industry insights to build those relationships. SAIL helps leaders find their voice so that you can motivate colleagues and clients to overcome obstacles. Working together, we can create sales teams that deliver extraordinary results.

Transform clients

Clients also benefit as you continue to learn and apply insights on their industry. This is critical to become a trusted partner. SAIL includes Global Industry Learning and Collaboration Hubs to help you take the long view, to help businesses excel using IBM solutions.

What do you think of when you hear IBM?

“You used to sell PCs, hard drives, laptops... but what does IBM do now?” This two minute video describes the new IBM and how our cognitive solutions and cloud platform technologies are transforming industries from healthcare, education, and banking to retail, travel, and weather.

How to apply

Explore our entry level, internship and graduate job opportunities and submit your resume online.

Your skills and experience will be reviewed and if a potential match, one of our hiring team will invite you to an assessment, interview, or both to evaluate your fit as a Seller at IBM.

IBM uses behavioral-style interviewing to learn what you have accomplished and what skills you have.