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LEADAfrica with IBM successfully kickstarted

2012: Volume 1, Article 3: LEADAfrica with IBM

IBM runs many successful university programs around the globe. In this issue we highlight one of the most exciting, fastest growing regional initiatives - LEADAfrica with IBM program.


What is LEADAfrica with IBM?

LEADAfrica with IBM is a new graduate program developed for high-potential, recently qualified or experienced graduates, pursuing leadership roles in Africa. The program provides accelerated career development in sales, consulting and finance. In addition to building business acumen, the participants will also take advantage of IBM's world-class leadership development programs and be closely mentored by senior IBMers.


Meet the Class of 2012

The first LEADAfrica candidates, selected from 8000 applicants from Africa, Asia, Europe and the US, began their placements in Nairobi in June 2012. Following the induction phase, the group will be split between IBM offices in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana and Tunisia.

Meet Some of the Candidates

Joy Wanyonyi

Joy Wanyonyi

Manfred Munyao

Manfred Munyao

Elizabeth Kiarie

Elizabeth Kiarie

Nimet Okuom

Nimet Okuom

Why would you choose IBM over competitors?

Nimet Okuom: "IBM behaves with integrity. This builds the trust that clients have for IBM, making IBM the choice company."

Elizabeth Kiarie: "IBM is not just about traditional products and services, it's selling solutions, solving company problems, solving world problems like traffic other multinational companies are doing this."

What had you heard about IBM as an employer?

Joy Wanyonyi: "A good work environment, the chance to progress, opportunities to move around."

Manfred Munyao: "An opportunity to advance my career, a better working environment."

How's it like living in Kenya? What are the career opportunities / challenges in Nairobi?

Manfred Munyao: "Opportunity to make a difference - Kenya has great potential for development and many external investors interested."

Elizabeth Kiarie: "Working with many great minds, facing different challenges every day, always new ideas, constantly under pressure to perform."

Joy Wanyonyi: "Difficulty travelling to work, due to traffic you have to allow for two extra hours, this is mainly due to poor infrastructure and bad drivers but IBM is dealing with this problem."

Nimet Okuom: "Living in Africa is great- the people are warm and the culture is diverse making studying and even working wonderful. Career opportunities are there and one needs to be aggressive and open to learn from the job, which are very competitive."

Work in the Company of Experts

If you are currently studying or working in Africa or are interested in applying your international knowledge to local markets and want to explore the career possibilities that Africa has to offer - this is your opportunity to join an extraordinary team dedicated to building a smarter planet.

It's Africa's time and it's your time!

Join us. Let's build a smarter planet.

For details about future opportunities to join LEADAfrica with IBM or to view and apply for IBM opportunities in Africa please visit

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