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Spotlight: Leadership

Senior executives share perspectives on leadership

Randy MacDonald, IBM Senior Vice President of HR: How to be a leader at IBM

Randy MacDonald

Fortune magazine sat down with Randy MacDonald, IBM Senior Vice President of Human Resources, to learn how the company trains global leaders. To be a leader at IBM, he emphasized the importance of one's business acumen, aspiration to create new things and collaboration skills. "We need people with emotional and intellectual stamina," he said, "Being a business leader in this world today is 24/7."

Diane Gherson, IBM Vice President of Talent: "You have to enable your team to experience and fail."

Diane Gherson

In an article published by Chief Learning Officer Magazine on leadership development, Diane Gherson, IBM Vice President of Talent, weighed in with perspectives about IBM's effort to create leaders who think outside their comfort zones. She explained that experiential or on the job learning is key to dealing with today's ambiguous business environment. She illustrates the idea by talking about IBM Corporate Service Corps, an award-winning program, which sends IBM employees to unfamiliar and challenging locations around the world.

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