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Hot Jobs at IBM

SAP Consulting

2011: Volume 3, Hot jobs

At IBM, progress is our passion. We're dedicated to helping the world work better. Join IBM's award-winning SAP practice. IBM is one of the largest SAP integrators in the world with great opportunities for experienced SAP consultants interested in directing their skills into a challenging and rewarding career. With more than 24,500 experienced SAP resources in more than 80 countries, the IBM SAP practice has implemented 5,000+ successful projects at 9,000 sites worldwide, helping clients realize tangible business results.

Interested in getting involved? You can! Join us, and you'll lead in the development, sales and management of top tier projects that use IBM's broad portfolio of skills and services. Let's build a smarter planet. APPLY NOW

Marlene, SAP Consulting, United States

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1. Briefly, what are the main responsibilities of your current IBM position?

As a project manager in the IBM Global Business Services (GBS) Enterprise Applications SAP practice, I am responsible for planning and delivery of large-scale transformation and ERP implementation projects for our clients. I also partner with clients in all aspects of SAP implementation - from understanding their requirements, to designing and implementing optimum solutions that support their business objectives.

Throughout my career in GBS, I've been able to play key roles in developing client relationships, selling and managing complex projects that use IBM's portfolio of skills and services. In addition to project-oriented work, I also contribute to practice development, as well as the career and skills development of consultants.

2. Why did you choose to work at IBM over other companies?

I was first presented with the opportunity to work for the world's top technology company when I graduated from college. At that time, I was attracted to IBM because of the potential for continuous learning and development, rewarding work, and career growth.

Now, in my role as a GBS consultant, I still value all of these aspects of IBM, but appreciate even more the great people with whom I share this exciting career. I am part of the largest SAP integrator in the world with over 24,500 experienced SAP resources in more than 80 countries.

Although we are the largest, I experience our practice as a tight-knit community that facilitates access to people with specialized knowledge and experience when needed - an invaluable asset to our clients and to me in my work. Like me, my colleagues are passionate about bringing the best to our clients. Succeeding in this mission is only possible with a team and individuals as skilled as those in our Enterprise Applications practice.

Robert, SAP Consulting, Germany

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1. Briefly, what are the main responsibilities of your current IBM position?

Working as a consultant, one of my key activities is to be engaged in large and international SAP projects. Depending on the role, this means,for example, acting as a business process consultant in the area of SAP Logistics in which I would run scoping, business blueprint or solution design workshops with the client. In recent years I have mostly worked as a team leader in project management roles focusing on the design and implementation of a project's methodology as well as test and cutover coordination. Next to project related work, I also support sales activities by providing subject matter expertise, particularly in the SAP testing area, to proposal teams or participate in client workshops where IBM's testing capabilities are presented to our clients.

2. Why did you chose to work at IBM over other companies?

It is always inspiring to realize how truly international IBM is. For example, I discovered that IBM can deliver global SAP roll-out projects into the most remote countries using highly skilled local people. IBM's international culture is particularly visible in internal training programs. Even though mostly virtual, it is a fascinating experience to be in class with participants from a variety of countries, and different time zones. Also, as in my case, working abroad and being temporarily assigned to another country is just a standard process in IBM. Working in such an environment is exciting and an experience I would not want to miss.

Ana, SAP Package Solution Consultant, Brazil

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1. Briefly, what are the main responsibilities of your current IBM position?

I'm a Senior Consultant for SAP implementation and redesign of financial processes.

2. Why did you chose to work at IBM over other companies?

I chose to work at IBM because I believe that here I have the real possibility of professional development. I also believe that at IBM I can develop new capabilities, due to the variety of services provided by the company.

Ishpreet, SAP Services Project Manager, India

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1. Briefly, what are the main responsibilities of your current IBM position?

I am currently working as ERP (SAP) Services Project Manager supervising SAP Implementation/Audits for clients, on behalf of IBM.

2. Why did you chose to work at IBM over other companies?

The reason I decided to start my career with IBM, was the high quality interaction I had with IBMers. Their professionalism and enthusiasm for the organization was infectious. IBM still retains some of the best people in the field.

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