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2011: Volume 2, Hot jobs

IBM Research is home to some of the most innovative and creative thinkers in the world. IBM Research is the place where people come to do more than just invent, they come to innovate. No matter where discovery takes place, IBM Researchers push the boundaries of science, technology and business to make the world work better. Our global network of scientists work on a range of applied and exploratory research projects to help clients, governments and universities apply scientific breakthroughs to solve real-world business and societal challenges.

Our continuous investment in research and development makes this a very exciting time at IBM Research, where the next wave of discovery promises to be more innovative than the last. But we can't do it alone.

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Jennifer, Research Manager, Semantic Analysis & Integration, IBM Research Almaden, US

Picture of Jennifer

1. Briefly, what are the main responsibilities of your current IBM position?

As a Research Manager in Semantic Analysis and Integration at IBM Watson Research Center. I have been working with a group of talented researchers and engineers to develop Watson, an open-domain question answering system which won a historical Jeopardy! match against the two best Jeopardy! players in February 2011. I am currently working on extending Watson's capabilities to learn via interactions with humans to better its performance. My responsibilities primarily focused on helping to set research directions on the project and to lead subteams in developing and implementing algorithms to advance Watson and its applications.

2. Why did you chose to work at IBM over other companies?

I chose to work at IBM because of the reputation of its research labs, and the company's continued investment in those labs. This is a wonderful organization where people with different expertise come together and achieve great results that cannot be accomplished elsewhere. The flexibility in scheduling is also extremely helpful in striking a delicate balance between work and family needs.

Moti, Team leader, IBM Research Haifa, Israel

Picture of Moti

1. Briefly, what are the main responsibilities of your current IBM position?

As a team leader in IBM Research-Haifa, my main responsibility is to lead my team in effectively chartering new territory; uncovering new problems, coming up with innovative ideas and developing novel solutions. I engage with our clients and IBMers from around the world to understand what our clients' needs are and where our ability to think creatively can produce positive impacts for how they work and deliver value to their customers. I also seek out new areas in which our expertise can be used, for example we've found applications in the health insurance industry for some of the innovations we've made in the world of software development.

2. Anything you learned about IBM that you didn't know before working here?

IBM is a very open organization; it truly doesn't matter whether you're white, black, female or gay. I feel that this allows people to be themselves and makes for an open, accepting and energetic work environment. Also, while I knew that IBM is a global organization, I didn't realize how often I would be working with people from around the world. So far I've worked with people from Australia, Canada, China, France, India, Japan, Switzerland, UK and the US, and I've certainly missed a few in that list. I've really enjoyed the opportunity to engage with people from so many different countries and cultures.

Anshu, Research Scientist, IBM Research Bangalore, India

Picture of Anshu

1. Why did you chose to work at IBM over other companies?

My constant desire to work on innovations outside the day job, made me extremely restless in my job with a traditional software development organization, with limited focus on research. IBM Research was a perfect place to work for someone like me, where I could constantly innovate and also see the impact of innovations on the business.

2. Anything you learned about IBM that you didn't know before working here?

I knew of IBM as a technology company, but I had a very limited idea about the enormous intellectual capital the company has, which is available to anyone who seeks it. IBM has so many distinguished engineers, fellows, scientists, technical experts and executives who are willing to talk to you, to throw challenges at you, to mentor you, to guide you through your career, and to work with you on new ideas. You think of anything "technology" under the sun, and you will find somebody at IBM who is keen to collaborate with you. I think that's phenomenal, and that's the biggest reason I like to work for IBM.

Tamiya, Senior Manager, Infrastructure Software IBM Research Tokyo, Japan

Picture of Tamiya

1. Briefly, what are the main responsibilities of your current IBM position?

As a senior manager of the Infrastructure Software Group at IBM Research - Tokyo. I lead projects in the area of programming language and middleware research.. Working closely with colleagues over the globe, we have been delivering innovations to IBM products, driving business through emerging technologies, and publishing papers at premier conferences.

2. Anything you learned about IBM that you didn't know before working here?

During my more than two decades at IBM Research, I have been seeing the division continuously adapting itself so that it remains vital to the company and the world. It is quite interesting to learn how the division drives and manages the adaptation. After all, it is the reason why IBM Research could remain as a leading research organization in the industry for a long time.

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