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The Real IBM

IBM and 'The Smarter Planet'

2010: Volume 2, Article 2

What does IBM do?

The simple answer is a lot, which makes it difficult to capture everything we're doing in just one article. We'll be sharing the many answers to the question "What does IBM do?" in this, the newsletter's ongoing series.

What we don't do

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Samuel J. Palmisano

IBM's Big Picture: The Smarter Planet

More than a year ago, IBM CEO Sam Palmisano was at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City to share what IBM had come to believe was a seminal change in the way the world literally works. On that day, he presented "The Next Leadership Agenda," and began a global conversation about making our world "A Smarter Planet."

This past January, Sam officially ushered in a new era, the Decade of Smart, to an audience of business, government and civic leaders at the Chatham House in London. In his remarks, he described how forward-thinking leaders around the world are capturing the potential of smarter systems to achieve economic growth, near-term efficiency, sustainable development and societal progress.

Decade of smart

We've given you several glimpses of IBM's wide-ranging initiatives in our previous newsletters. In this issue, we introduce you to the big picture of IBM's Smarter Planet initiative.

Take some time to surf around the Decade of Smart overview, click on one of the planet icons to learn more about our areas of expertise as well as our big ideas, and projects large and small, currently underway.

Join the global conversation at the IBM Smarter Planet Blog. And, if you'd like to contribute professionally to helping the world become smarter, check out the IBM careers site to learn more about current career opportunities.

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