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The Real IBM

What does IBM do? What we don't do...

2009: Volume 3, Article 2

What does IBM do?

Sky scrapersThe simple answer is a lot, which makes it difficult to capture everything we're doing in just one article. We'll be sharing the many answers to the question "What does IBM do?" in this, the newsletter's ongoing series.

What we don't do

First, let's clear up what we're not doing. We no longer sell personal computers, period. In fact, we sold our PC division to Lenovo in 2005. Yes, technology is still a big part of our mission, but aside from being the world's largest information technology (IT) company, we're also the world's largest consulting organization,with talented people in more than 160 countries. Our global capabilities include: services, software, hardware, research and financing

We exited commoditizing businesses like personal computers, and hard disk drives, years ago, and strengthened our position through strategic investments and acquisitions in emerging higher-value segments. In addition, IBM transformed itself into a globally integrated enterprise which has improved our overall productivity and is driving investment and participation in the world's fastest growing markets. As a result, IBM is a higher-performing enterprise than it was several years ago.

Smart growth icon Last time, we discussed how IBM is energizing the power industry. In this issue we'll show you how IBM is helping to transform cities (link resides outside of by infusing a new level of intelligence into the massive systems that support a city's infrastructure. The kind of intelligence that makes these systems stretch beyond roads, utilities, and water supplies, to give us the means to create better ways of moving around, maintaining our environment, keeping our streets safe and more.

We're making cities smarter

And, if it's something you could picture yourself doing, check out the start@ibm careers site to learn more about the jobs that are available in this area. You could be IBM's next great hire.

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