How we roll.

Life at IBM, from the women living it.

Lisa Seacat DeLuca

Our most prolific inventor. See how she does it, and how a mentor helped her make it happen.

Lysa Banks

Motorcyclist. Lead architect for Cloud Industry Solutions. Learn what drives Lysa.

Aparna Prabhakar

Flexible work schedules took this program manager around the world and back again in time for bedtime.

Benefits beyond insurance.

Benefits here go beyond what you’d expect.

We invest in women at IBM. With generous benefits and rewards. No matter if you work at home or in a lab your career at IBM is one that works for you.

You’ve got people on your side.

Great colleagues can influence your career in incredible ways. And IBMers support, mentor, and challenge each other every step of the way.

No ceilings here.

Women have been working in tech jobs at IBM since the ’30s. They became vice presidents in the ’40s. IBM advocated for equal work for equal pay nearly 30 years before the Equal Pay Act of 1963. Fast-forward to 2016 and our CEO is a woman with a tech-focused plan to lead IBM forward.

What we believe.

We stay true to our belief that innovation should help people, our clients and the world. It’s why we’ve been a leader in corporate responsibility for nearly a century. And why we’ll lead in the future.

A company of good citizens.


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