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Some companies don’t have a global reach – it’s the same faces, different day. At IBM, you’ll be a part of diverse team where you’ll meet and work with new people from different cultures to tackle challenges from a fresh perspective. IBM’s culture of inclusivity means you’re free to be yourself while supporting others and sharing ideas. Be proud of what you do and who you work with.

Discover what you can do at IBM.

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Outthink ordinary.

Inclusivity at IBM

Discover what you can do at IBM

Be Yourself: IBMers on culture

What is the P-Tech program?

What is P-TECH?

Van Smith

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Van Smith

The beauty of the BRGs is that they take into consideration the total person as an IBMer. What each person brings to the table regarding their skill set and talents with respect to their primary job responsibility is just a part of that given IBMer… The individual BRGs help refine and strengthen various constituencies, thereby strengthening IBM as a whole.

Van Smith
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Business Resource Groups

Business Resource Groups, or BRGs, provide IBM employees the chance to come together based on common interests such as demographics, life stages, or function, just to name a few.

BRGs are not only a place to get to know employees from other departments and various levels of the organization, but they can serve as a source of support and development, both personally and professionally.

BRGs also aim to align their programs and initiatives to support IBM’s business and talent work streams which include Recruitment and Hiring, Talent Development, Employee Retention, and Market Development.

How IBM Helps Create a Diverse Talent Pipeline for STEM

IBM continues to encourage employees to get involved in their community and make the world work better. And across the company, IBMers are doing extraordinary things. Not because it’s their job, but because they have a passion – a passion for sharing their skills outside of IBM and nurturing the next generation of technical talent.