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Training & development

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Training is an integral part of life at IBM. It equips our employees with newer sets of skills and makes them more productive. It also reflects our core belief in a workforce that's primed to face fresh challenges every day!



Mentoring is also seen as a very important part of supporting new employees' integration into the business. Trainees are allocated a "buddy mentor" in the first year to help them settle in and show them the ropes.

e-Learning package

e-learning is offered to IBM employees for access to e-learning content on the company intranet. The purpose of e-learning is to allow the flexibility to develop required skills with e-learning convenience.

Planning your career

To help you identify opportunities, construct a skills road map and mark your progress, IBM offers easy-to-navigate career Web sites and tools.

  • Individual development plan - Your career path will be as individual as you are. You might choose to move vertically, you might prefer to deepen your knowledge in your field of expertise or you might decide to make lateral moves to broaden your range of skills. Whichever path you choose, you will create an individual development plan each year to help you to continue to grow.
  • Management training - Is management your goal? IBM has an award-winning management development program that can enable you to develop effective leadership skills to help you move ahead as you lead in a high-performance culture.

We invest heavily in our employees' development to maximize the success of our company and the success of our people. As an IBM employee, you have access to worldwide resources to help you define your career and achieve professional growth. These resources include:

  • Job role and technical training - In addition to top-notch professional skills, IBM focuses on in-depth industry and technical training to keep you up to date on emerging technologies and skills valued in the marketplace.
  • Academic learning assistance program - IBM provides assistance for external education in addition to our internal training offerings to help you keep your skills aligned with our business goals.
  • Global Campus - Whether you're looking for online or classroom courses offered by IBM's professional communities, you'll find them on the IBM Global Campus Web site. Universal access to thousands of internal e-learning modules is included, so you can take the courses you need at your convenience. Through Global Campus, you can also reference leading business and technical publications.
  • Certification and IBM Certified Professional - Certification is a process by which IBM can recognize its most skilled and experienced specialists. In most professions, certification is a prerequisite for appointment to senior positions. To achieve certification, you will need to satisfy a number of criteria. The criteria will vary by profession but, within each profession, the specific criterion for these categories is common worldwide around IBM.

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