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China Development Lab

Where can I find IBM job opportunities and how can I apply for a job opportunity with IBM?

Please visit "Available Positions" for job openings from May to July this year and apply jobs accordingly. Please use "Application Schedule" page for the important dates of our recruitment cycle.

Can I apply for those positions which are not recruiting at my university?

Absolutely!! The postings on this web site are open to all qualified applicants.

When will I receive a response after I submit my resume?

Our Human Resources (HR) team will keep you updated about the status within 1 week after your resume is submitted online.

Where are the working locations for CDL jobs?

The main location is Beijing, a few opportunities are in Shanghai and Taipei.

What kind of candidates is IBM China Development Laboratory (CDL) looking for?

  1. Any passionate, open-minded individual with strong interpersonal skills, the ability to learn and a keen interest in Information Technology industry;
  2. Computer science related majors are preferred for software development, EE related majors for hardware development.

I have heard that IBM does not focus on the specific major requirements for the candidates. May I apply for a position which is not relevant to my major?

Potential and personal capabilities are the most important factors to be considered when we are looking for an employee. Technical positions prefer some technical backgrounds; however, there are no strict criteria on the specialty.

Are the applicant's academic achievements/scores important to IBM CDL?

Yes. It will be taken as one of the factors but not the single factor.

What are the steps to apply for a job in IBM CDL?

There are four steps:

  • Resume submission
  • Phone interview
  • Final interview
  • Offer

What kind of interview will I receive? Will interviews be conducted in English or Chinese?

Hiring managers will screen all applications and shortlist candidates. Qualified candidates will be invited to have a phone interview and/or face-to-face interview with IBM hiring managers directly.

The interview methodology IBM uses is behavior-based structured interview. That means we will ask you questions about previous experiences you have had in terms of competencies and technical skills.

When will I get Offer?

You can refer to the application schedule. Once we finish the second round interview conducted by IBM hiring managers, the offer or reject notice will be issued within 2 weeks.

How can I get more information about IBM?

You can go to or to get more information about IBM.

How can I be interviewed face to face? Do I travel to China, or will hiring manager do interview in the US?

It depends. Most likely the hiring managers will travel to the US for a face-to-face interview. For special cases, some will be invited to travel to China for the interview. The travel expense will be covered by CDL.

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