IBM China Development Lab (CDL) overview
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China Development Lab (CDL)


Founded in 1999, China Development Lab (CDL) today has over 2,300 developers located in Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei; being recognized as the largest international development laboratory in China. Within IBM, CDL is ranked among the top five largest development laboratories. Our mission is to utilize our talent pool in Greater China Group to develop products and solutions that delight our customers and to nourish our talented employees to serve our customers.

As a vibrant technical community, CDL has three major focus areas:

China Software Development Lab (CSDL)
The majority of our developers are software engineers who work on developing SW products being marketed worldwide. CSDL has joint development projects with all SWG brands, including Websphere, Lotus, Information Management, Tivoli, and Rational. To support the pervasive open source community in China, CSDL has established technical competencies in Linux technology and solutions. To improve total user experience that determines customer’s satisfaction with IBM, CSDL also has a User Technology team dedicated to providing services and common tools in usability, globalization, and information/interface development.

Systems & Technology Group (STG) Labs
We established two labs in CDL to support STG’s development effort. The xSeries Technical Development Center (xTDC), located in Taipei, brought to market many high volume xSeries server and IntelliStation products in 2005. The China Systems and Technology Lab (CSTL), located in Shanghai and Beijing, is for systems software development and customer support. Our partnership with STG also includes Systems & Storage and iSeries products. In addition, we also provide information development support to various STG products.

Customer Services
To further enhance CDL’s customer commitment, Lab Based Services and the China SOA (Services-Oriented Architecture) Design Center were founded in recent years. Lab Based Services focuses on helping customers with education, skills improvement and solution development. The SOA Design Center is focusing on transforming customers' business to an on-demand model through SOA as well as developing reusable SOA assets. Besides creating value for worldwide customers, the team is also working on the development of SOA Integration Framework and industry solution templates, as well as conducting advanced service studies in emerging technology incubator projects.

In summary, through our joint development effort with other IBM Labs, our partnership with worldwide customers, and our relationship with China’s academic community, CDL has established solid core competency in the areas of open source, development & testing, customer solutions, globalization and high volume xSeries development. We are marching forward to pursue our vision to become a World Class Development Lab by 2010 through Innovation, Collaboration and Execution.

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