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At IBM, we value people who apply innovation and imagination to make the world a better place. This is why we need extraordinary leaders who can create high-performance work climates and foster employee engagement; people who not only succeed, but enable others to as well. At the core of the GM LDP is the ability to accelerate future leaders' readiness to become an integral part of IBM. Throughout the program, in addition to formal world class Consulting and Sales training, participants will be afforded key opportunities to develop and demonstrate the following leadership competencies:

Embrace Challenge
IBMers get energized by complex and challenging situations. We identify opportunities, take responsibility for solving problems, and our positive attitude and confidence inspires others to do the same.

Build mutual trust
IBMers build "360 degrees of trust" across the full spectrum of our constituents - our organizations, clients, and communities. We do this by acting with integrity, assuming positive intent, holding ourselves accountable, trusting in the capabilities of others, and by taking responsibility for remedying the situation if we see trust is eroding.

Communicate for impact
IBMers communicate to find mutual understanding. We listen to ensure others are heard, our deep expertise allows us to communicate complex situations clearly and simply, and our authenticity enables us to convey difficult messages in a positive manner.

Partner for client success
IBMers take great pride in our clients success. We work and think alongside our clients, offering market insights and leveraging IBMs enterprise-wide capabilities to co-create solutions that far exceed initial expectations.

Influence through expertise
IBMers are distinguished by their expertise and eminence; and we take personal responsibility for deepening our skills and developing our and other IBMers, thought leadership.

Continuously transform
IBMers have an intellectual curiosity and a spirit of restless reinvention that infuses the enterprise with energy. We are agile learners who rethink assumptions; seek to know what we do not know nor have yet imagined, unearth opportunities, and continuously transform.

Collaborate globally
IBMers are global professionals skilled at collaboration. We build networks of experts and think and work together across the boundaries of disciplines, countries, and cultures. We act not as a collection of individuals but a collective leadership force creating the full promise of IBM to transform the marketplace, society, and the world.

Act with a systemic perspective
IBMers are systems thinkers. We understand and build systems and our deep and broad expertise enable us to help others see an end-to-end view, discover underlying patterns, and then to act boldly and take the right risks.

Help IBMers succeed
IBMers strive to be their best and to bring the best out in each other. We remove unnecessary constraints, provide necessary resources, acknowledge others' contributions, and champion their ideas, which fosters a sense of engagement and the feeling we have permission to act.

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