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Executive welcome

Frank Kern, Senior Vice President, Global Business Services

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Frank Kern

Our future starts with leadership:
I have often been asked to define leadership at IBM. Does it start with the desire to innovate? Or is it best practiced as the ability to motivate? I believe leaders require above all else the capacity to champion and unleash the deep insights and ideas generated by a rich and diverse community of people — each of whom brings unique experiences to the business world. The development of future leaders has always represented the most important investment an organization can make, but it may never have been as critical as it is today. At IBM, our focus on building a Smarter Planet — tackling some of the most intractable challenges and grand opportunities our institutions face the world over — rests entirely on the quality of our innovation and also of our people. This is why we need extraordinary leaders who can create a high-performance climate and foster employee imagination and engagement; people who not only succeed but enable others to as well. This is why we are looking for you.

Definition of a General Manager:
The goal of this program is to attract, retain and develop candidates for General Management positions through targeted assignments aligned with IBM's General Manager Development Model. We are looking for a new class of leaders drawn from high-potential MBA students and given the opportunity to accelerate their knowledge and ideas. General Managers in IBM manage a distinct business entity, acting as the CEO of that line of business. In addition to demonstrating a high degree of IBM's Leadership Competencies and having functional expertise, General Managers must possess a high degree of business acumen.

Innovation Drives Success:
As the largest IT and consulting organization, IBM hires only the best and the brightest. We'd love to hear more about you and your drive to lead at IBM.

We will be recruiting for this program in Fall 2016 for the class of 2017.

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