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At IBM, we use technology to make the world work better. We want smart thinkers who are ready to put good ideas into action. IBM provides a wealth of support, from world-class learning opportunities and mentorships to a flexible work environment. We offer a range of programs including short-term internships, graduate positions, and professional posts for those with MBAs. Work in diverse fields like design, analytics, consulting, development, or sales. At IBM, you can create the career you’ve always imagined.

Global Development Programs

Extreme Blue

The Extreme Blue program is IBM's global summer internship program for top business and technical students.

Leading to Africa

Leading to Africa is IBM's internship program for top students in major markets, Egypt, and South Africa interested in starting their careers in Africa upon completion of their studies.

Consulting by Degrees

Consulting by Degrees is IBM's global leadership and development program for entry-level consultants.

International Student Hiring

Designed for students who are studying away from their home country and want to return to their home country for internship and/or graduate opportunities or to another country they are eligible to work in.

General Manager Leadership Development Program

The IBM General Manager Leadership Development Program offers an exceptional opportunity to lead and excel. We will be recruiting for this program in Fall 2016 for the class of 2017.

Find your fit

Participate in the first release of IBM's new job matching capability powered by Watson.  Provide your resume  or curriculum vitae (CV) and let Watson match you to current IBM jobs that you can apply to today.  You can also provide feedback on how well we did providing jobs that fit you to help Watson learn and provide even better matches in the future!

Inside Story

Adam M

Customer Analytics Seller

IBM Sales

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Hayley H

Design Language Lead

IBM Design

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Aditi R

Software Engineer

IBM Cloud

How to apply


Explore our entry level, internship and graduate job opportunities and submit your resume online.


Your skills and experience will be reviewed and if a potential match, one of our hiring team will invite you to interview.


IBM uses behavioural-style interviewing to learn what you have accomplished and what skills you have.