Resume tips

Resume tips

Why is a good resume important? Not only because it is your "personal marketing tool" but most importantly, because it is a reflection of YOU!

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Key components of a resume

Contact Information
Your full name and other contact information, e.g., permanent address, email address, should be listed at the top of your resume. Your name should also be listed on any following pages.

As an overview paragraph, the profile should identify your full name, number of years of experience, summary of your expertise, and range of related experiences (establishes credibility and interest to read on)

e.g., project management, communication, technical skills

Professional experience or successes
Evidence of your applied experience, highlighting your skills and results (What did you do? What did it result in? What skills did you gain?)

List your formal education starting with degrees or certifications followed by professional, technical, industry, and personal skills development


Describing your accomplishments - How you say it is key!

Communication or people skills
corresponded; developed; defined; enlisted; influenced; mediated

analyzed; clarified; collected; diagnosed; explored; invented

approved; assigned; chaired; enhanced; established; improved; increased

allocated; analyzed; assessed; calculated; budgeted; developed; projected

Technical skills
designed; engineered; overhauled; restored; utilized; upgraded; installed

Steps for getting started

  1. Write down all of your accomplishments
  2. Add results to your accomplishments (quantify and qualify)
  3. Write a list of your critical skills
  4. Identify your strongest accomplishments (What did you do? What was the size/ scope? How many people were involved? Related metrics?)

Final steps