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IBM values

In the 20th century, IBM used beliefs to shape every aspect of its operations and brand. These were not just the traditional kind of institutional commitments that most companies had -- to quality, the environment, shareholder value, corporate citizenship and the like. IBM had those, has them today, and takes them very seriously.But as we entered the 21st Century, it became clear it was time for IBM to reassert what it stood for - as a company, an employer, and as a vital social institution. And to do so would take the collective efforts of the entire IBM team.In July 2003, the entire company was invited to weigh in on what IBM should be, and what it would mean to be an IBM employee. And many of them did -- capturing the distinctness, the purpose and the potential of IBM. Then we made it personal, agreeing to three common values that would govern what we did as a company, and who we were as "IBMers". IBMers value:

In the end, the real test of IBM values will be how each of us puts them into practice. As we animate them through our relationships and our thinking, each of us plays a formative role in shaping an enterprise truly worthy of admiration and devotion ... something quite special. Something we can all be proud of.

Which is, after all, why we came to work for IBM.