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New employee FAQs

How do I know the dress code for where I work?

In general, the dress code is business casual; however, you need to confirm with your Manager and or Connections Coach / Buddy / Practice Administrator (PA Global Business Services only) as to what is acceptable at your work site.

What are regular working hours?

Core business hours are Monday through Friday 8:15 to 5:00. The work week is 40 hours. This means we work 8 hours a day, plus a 45 minute lunch. There can be flexibility around when you work depending on your role. You will work this out with your manager.

Do I need identification to get into the building?

Identification (ID) badges are required for entry into IBM buildings. You will be provided with a temporary badge on your first day during training. You will receive a permanent picture badge at a later time.

Is smoking allowed on the premises?

All IBM Canada locations are smoke-free workplaces. There are designated smoking areas outside of the IBM buildings.

Is there a formal evaluation process?

IBM's success at e-business on demand depends on how well each of us achieves our business commitments.

So, each year, IBM employees set Personal Business Commitments (PBCs) that align directly with IBM's business objectives. Your PBC achievements including business results, demonstrated behaviours, and overall performance determine your annual PBC rating. PBC is an ongoing, year-round process and the foundation for setting performance goals and expectations, measuring results, providing coaching and feedback and determining development needs and rewards based on your individual contribution. The PBC process will be discussed during your new employee orientation.

How much vacation do I get?

During your first year, your vacation accrues based on the number of full months that you worked during the calendar year. Effective 1/1/04, you will get 3 weeks vacation for 1-9 years of service.

What about sick time?

You are expected to be at work each day that you are scheduled to work at the scheduled time. If you must be absent from work because of sickness or other emergency, get word to your manager as soon as possible on the first day of your absence. This will enable your manager to assist you in any way possible and to make the necessary arrangements to keep the work running smoothly in your absence.

When will I get my first payroll deposit?

You will receive a cheque on the first pay period for the time that you have worked, IBM does not hold any salary. Your paycheque will be hardcopy until you set up your Direct Deposit. The Direct Deposit process will be discussed in your new employee orientation. Pay deposits are made on a bi-weekly basis every other Friday.

Does IBM offer an employee discount on their products?

The employee purchase program offers employees selected IBM personal computer hardware and software products at significantly less than suggested retail prices. For more details, access the EPP website after your start date.

What Benefits do I receive?

The offer package contains a Total Compensation Summary Brochure which outlines the standard benefit package you will receive beginning on day one of your employment with IBM. IBM also has a flexible benefits program called Portfolio. All employees are allowed to choose the type of benefits and amount of coverage they would like to suit their individual and family needs. During your orientation sessions you will learn more about your Portfolio package and options.

What do I do if I have to travel before I get my AMEX card?

You will need to use your personal credit card and you will then be reimbursed. The instructions on how to receive reimbursement can be found with your Offer Package in the new employee orientation. If you are not able to locate these instructions please contact your Manager and/or Connections Coach / Buddy or Practice Administrator (PA GBS only).

I have not received my AMEX card yet and I sent in the application. Where and when will it arrive?

It will be shipped to your home billing address. It usually takes 5 business days. If you have not received within the 5 days please contact your Manager and/or Connections Coach / Buddy or Practice Administrator(PA GBS only).