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IBM career

One measure of IBM's market value is the expertise and skill each of us brings to our jobs. Developing and maintaining topnotch skills is a strategic issue that influences IBM's long-term competitiveness. Our skills are also a signal to our customers, stockholders, and competitors of our potential for growth and success. As an employee of IBM, you have access to worldwide resources to help you in your career definition and professional growth.Building a career at IBM is a continuous process. It's about being open to gaining new experiences and increasing knowledge in your field of expertise, the chance to work in a stimulating environment and to be rewarded for exceptional performance through increased responsibility and visibility of you in your current job. Once you have access to IBM's Intranet (known as OnICE or W3), you can access sites and tools such as:

These are just a few of the resources available to you as an IBMer. Your success means IBM is successful! Take the time to explore these and other sites once you are on board and have access to the corporate intranet.