Diversity & Inclusion


Simply put, IBM wants the best-qualified people the world has to offer. So by design, not mandate, ours is a culture of inclusion.

At IBM we acknowledge, value and respect diversity. We draw on diversity of thought and experience to reflect the rich array of cultures representing our broad global customer base.

When you join IBM's diverse team you are encouraged to share your unique perspectives and capabilities. At IBM we recognize individual differences and appreciate how these differences provide a powerful competitive advantage and a source of great pride and opportunity in the workplace and marketplace.

We recognize that in order to foster diversity we need and want to create a work environment where all employees can realize their full potential. IBM provides ongoing education, diverse mentoring and networking opportunities, flexible work options, and accommodation in the workplace.

IBM employees know the strength of our commitment to diversity. By advancing these values, we only grow stronger. We welcome the world!

Join us. Let's build a Smarter Planet