How can I apply to IBM job roles?

All of our job opportunities are posted online at www.ibm.com/start. Many universities and colleges require that students registered in their coop/internship program apply on-line to their job board in addition to IBM's website. Please check with your school's career centre to verify requirements.

  Do you hire students that are NOT formally registered in their school's co-op/internship   program for student positions at IBM?

Yes! While we work very closely with universities and colleges across Canada to fill our student roles, we are ultimately looking for the right fit. We look for students with the right skills set for the position at hand, but also for students that would be a fit for IBM as a whole. IBM's only requirements are that students are registered in an accredited post secondary institution, that their program is a minimum of 2 years in duration and that they will be returning to full-time studies upon completion of their IBM work term.

  What is the dress code at IBM?

IBM Canada's dress code is "business casual"; however; many locations allow employees to wear jeans. You should talk to your manager about how this is interpreted in your specific team. A general rule is to dress for the people you will see that day.

  What type of work will I be doing at IBM on an internship or coop?

IBM Canada offers students the opportunity to work on interesting and real work projects. Our student positions offer challenging work that is comparable to new graduate work assignments and are a great way to complement your in-class studies.

  Does IBM offer flexible work arrangements for students?

Please talk with your manager about the possibility of working off-site and your team's core business hours. IBM encourages its employees to participate in the flexible work arrangement programs that we offer. Depending on your specific role, security requirements and the type of work you will be doing, you may be able to take advantage of our flexible work arrangements such as flexible start times and work-from-home options.

  Are there any development programs or courses available to students at IBM?

Thousands of training courses are offered to students hired into IBM Canada. Training comes in the form of on-line courses, conferences, in-class courses (provided there is manager approval) and resource libraries. Please talk to your manager about what is available on your team!

  When do you recruit your student hires?

IBM hires coop/internship students into the company every January, May and September. Applicant screening and interviewing typically takes places approximately 4 months before the expected start date with offers following shortly after. It is important to check our website (www.ibm.com/start) regularly, as we have new jobs added to our pool throughout the cycle.

  Where are your student job roles located?

IBM has Software Labs in Toronto, Ottawa, Victoria, Edmonton, London and Vancouver. On an annual basis we have student openings across Canada, but generally do the majority of our hiring into the Toronto and Ottawa Labs.

  How many students does IBM hire annually?

IBM typically hires over 500 students on an annual basis.

  Does IBM assist with student relocation fees?

IBM provides a lump sum payment to students travelling more than 275 kms from their school to their IBM work location for travel costs (payments vary by distance). Check out our student site for information on housing and transportation! http://futureblue.wordpress.com

  What is the student-life like at IBM?

Every student hired into IBM is automatically a member of the Future Blue team. Future Blue is a community run by students for students. The goal of Future Blue is to provide students with an opportunity to grow their skills, network with other students and full-time IBMers, educate them on careers at IBM as well as the business itself, provide students with a forum for discussion and most importantly - TO HAVE FUN! Future Blue plans regular activities outside of work hours to help you better acquaint yourself with your fellow student hires.