Bromont plant

Advantages of working at IBM Bromont

Energy, work-life balance and teamwork

Teamwork is an essential component of the human factor at the Bromont plant. Mental synergy makes our facility an outstanding place to learn, evolve and succeed. It is thanks to this pooling of the entire team's talent and expertise that we are able to produce top-notch products that help to cement our reputation.

Enthusiasm and energy are contagious in the Bromont team.

Here in Bromont, you can benefit from flexible schedules and working arrangements designed to enable employees to reconcile professional and personal responsibilities - no matter your life or family situation.

An enriching social environment

The plant's social club holds a multitude of activities for every taste. Employees can choose from a wide range of reasonably priced activities - including trips, sporting activities, cultural events and family fun.

Located just steps away from the plant, the IBM Bromont leisure centre allows employees and their families to make the most out of summer. It's a terrific place for a family picnic, a softball tournament, tennis match or a game of beach volleyball. You can even practice your golf swing on the driving range!

A town with great leisure opportunities

The Bromont plant is just 80 kilometres from Montreal, located in a beautiful natural setting that's always a hit with sports, nature and outdoor enthusiasts.

The Bromont region is a highly sought-after resort area, and is equipped with a wide range of recreational and tourist facilities, including four golf courses, a well-known ski centre, numerous bike paths and a world-class equestrian centre. In addition, the area also boasts many fine restaurants and a host of other tourist attractions. Bromont residents get to enjoy a vacation-like setting all year long!