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Test CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Exam Information

The ITIL Foundation Certificate is a vendor-neutral test intended for people working in the field of IT Service Management.

Information about this exam can be found at:

Forward Arrow IBM ITIL Training and Certification

NOTE: IBM offers the ITIL Foundation Certificate Training which includes the course and examination, however the course and exam do not have to be taken through IBM. ITIL Foundation Certificate training is offered at many training centers throughout the world. For locations, search the internet for "ITIL Foundation Certificate".

Steps for Submitting ITIL Foundation Certificate test results to IBM Certification

IBM does not get any form of automatic notification when you earn this certification. In order for this certification requirement to apply towards any IBM certification you must send a copy of your examination score report or certification to IBM by one the following means. Be sure to include your name, a daytime phone number or e-mail address, and your testing ID number (usually a 9 digit Prometric testing ID) in the communication. If you do not have a testing ID number, please see below for steps to generate an ID.

Forward electronic evidence or a scan of your paper documents to:

Note: If you are also reporting your ITIL certificate to PartnerWorld, please copy on the same email. PartnerWorld provides credit to your company for your non-IBM certification. This is separate from the purpose of sending the certificate to IBM's Professional Certification program, where the ITIL certificate completes an IBM Certification for you as an individual.

Steps to generate a test ID

The following procedure enables you to create a user profile in the Prometric on-line registration system, which results in you being assigned a Prometric Testing/Candidate ID. Although the steps to do this involve "signing up for a test", you need not worry that you will really be signing up to take a test, nor will you be providing any payment information.

  1. Go to the Web site: Link to content outside of ibm.com
    You are presented with questions to answer and demographic information to fill in. Be sure to leave the testing ID field blank (unless you suddenly remember that you already have a testing ID. If this is the case, exit the Web, and provide that ID to the person who is giving you credit for a certification exam!)
  2. When finished with the page, click "Next".
  3. In the "Choose Login" screen, you will be specifying the userid and password that you will login with, if you register for a test in the future - so don't forget this!
  4. Enter "password", then "confirm password".
  5. In the "Reminder Question" field, type in a question that will remind you of the password.
  6. In the "Question Answer" field, type in the answer to the question you created.
  7. In the "Confirm Answer" field, type in the answer again.
  8. Click "Submit".
  9. Click "Update Personal Information" on the left of the screen. Your new Prometric Testing ID will be included with your demographics.
  10. Finally, click "Logout" (on the left) to exit the Prometric Web site.


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