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Test LOT-914: Administering IBM Lotus Quickr 8.5 for Domino

Note: This test will be withdrawn on Nov 30 2013.

Exam 914: Administering IBM Lotus Quickr 8.5 for Domino

Exam Competencies

Exam Type: Multiple Choice

Description: Covers IBM Lotus Quickr 8.5 for Domino material as it relates to these competency areas: 

  • Install and Configure
  • Manage and Maintain
  • Security

Install and Configure

  1. Configuring Domino Off-line Services (DOLS)

  2. Configuring Quickr to Utilize Sametime

  3. Configuring the Domino Servlet Engine

  4. Creating the Qpconfig.xml

    1. Clustering

    2. Integrationi. Connectionsii. Ldapiii. Proxyiv. Sametime

    3. Offline

    4. Securityi. Superuserii. Xss

    5. UIi. Open new windowii. Sign in and out

  5. Installing Quickr Connectors

  6. LDAP Directory Access

  7. Migrating

    1. Place from other versions

    2. Upgrading 6.5 to 8.5

  8. Notes.ini

    1. Server Side

    2. Understand role and contents

  9. Understanding Supported Directory Configurations

Manage and Maintain

  1. Configuring Cross Place Searching

  2. Configuring Directory Services - LDAP

  3. Configuring Directory Services - Domino

  4. Configuring Mail for Quickr

  5. Configuring Quickr Clusters

  6. Creating Placebots

  7. Generating Quickr Reports

  8. Integrating Sametime with Quickr

  9. Integration with Enterprise Content Management Systems

  10. Managing Places

  11. Managing templates

  12. Modifying Notes.ini Variables

  13. Refreshing Places and Placetypes

  14. Registering and Unregistering Places

  15. Sign in and out

  16. Understanding the Place Catalog

  17. Utilizing Quickr Statistics

  18. Utilizing Site Administration

  19. Utilizing the Qptool


  1. Configuring Attachment Blocking

  2. Configuring Browser Caching

  3. Configuring Place security

  4. Configuring Policies

    1. Configuring Policies\Places

    2. Configuring Policies\Templates

  5. Configuring Server Access

  6. Configuring Specific Protocol Access

  7. Configuring Super User Access

  8. Configuring User Authentication

  9. Utilizing Site Administration

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