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Test LOT-800: Administering IBM Lotus Sametime 8

Note: This test will be withdrawn on Nov 30 2013.
The replacement test is: (LOT-988) Administering IBM Lotus Sametime 8.5

Exam 800: Administering IBM Lotus Sametime 8

Exam Competencies 

Exam Type: Multiple Choice


Covers Lotus Sametime 8 system administration material as it relates to these competency areas: 

  • Install and Configure 
  • Manage and maintain 
  • Security

Install and Configure

  1. Configuring Community Services

  2. Configuring Directory Services

  3. Configuring Directory Services\Domino Directory

  4. Configuring Directory Services\LDAP Directory

  5. Configuring File Transfers

  6. Configuring IP Audio

  7. Configuring Policies

  8. Configuring Reverse Proxies

  9. Configuring Sametime Clusters

  10. Configuring Sametime Connect Client

  11. Configuring Sametime Connect Client\Java

  12. Configuring Sametime Connect Client\Provisioning

  13. Configuring Sametime Connect Client\Secure Site Provisioning

  14. Configuring Sametime Connect Client\Silent Installer

  15. Configuring Sametime Connectivity

  16. Configuring Sametime Conversion Services

  17. Configuring Sametime Mobile

  18. Configuring the Sametime Gateway

  19. Configuring the Sametime Gateway\Clusters

  20. Configuring Tunneling

  21. Configuring Voice Chat Capabilities

  22. Define Sametime Components

  23. Deploying MS Office Integration Features

  24. Deploying Sametime Across Multiple Domains

  25. Deploying Sametime Connect via Network Deployment

  26. Deploying Sametime Plug-ins

  27. Implementing Community Services Clustering

  28. Implementing SSL

  29. Installing the Sametime Print Capture Utility

  30. Understanding Platform Support

Manage and Maintain

  1. Configuring Sametime Logging

  2. Configuring Usage Limits

  3. Implementing Business Cards

  4. Installing Client Updates Via a Secure Site

  5. Installing Optional Client Features

  6. Managing Anonymous Users Naming

  7. Managing Community Services

  8. Managing Recorded Meeting Broadcast Services

  9. Modifying Audio/Video Services

  10. Modifying Community Services Clustering

  11. Modifying Sametime Gateway Configuration

  12. Monitoring the Sametime Services

  13. Troubleshooting Online Meetings

  14. Understanding Breakout Sessions

  15. Understanding File Transfers

  16. Understanding Location Awareness

  17. Understanding Polling in Meetings

  18. Understanding Recorded Meetings

  19. Understanding Sametime Gateway Errors

  20. Understanding Telephony in Sametime

  21. Understanding Whiteboard Functionality

  22. Utilizing the Buddylist ConversionTool

  23. Utilizing the Name ChangeTool

  24. Utilizing the Sametime Administration Tool

  25. Utilizing the Stdebugtool.exe Utility


  1. Configuring Single Sign-on

  2. Controlling User Sametime Gateway Access

  3. Controlling User Sametime Server Access

  4. Modifying Sametime Security

  5. Understanding Roles in Sametime

  6. Understanding User Policies


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