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Test C9020-562: IBM Storwize Family Technical Solutions V4

Note: This test will be withdrawn on Oct 31 2017.
The replacement test is: (C9020-662) Virtualized Storage V1

General Overview (28%)

  1. Differentiate among the IBM Storwize family members Hybrid solutions - IBM Storwize V3700, IBM Storwize V5000, IBM Storwize V5000, IBM Storwize V7000, and IBM Storwize V7000U.

  2. Given a scenario, describe the benefits of a virtualized storage infrastructure that influences the decision-making process.

  3. Given a scenario, describe the benefits of the different hardware architectures within the IBM Storwize family members.

  4. Given a scenario, identify the competitive advantages of the IBM Storwize family members compared to other vendor storage solutions.

  5. Explain how IBM Spectrum Control enhances IBM Storwize family solutions.

  6. Explain how IBM Spectrum Protect enhances IBM Storwize family solutions.

System and Advanced Functions Knowledge (27%)

  1. Identify ways the IBM Storwize family enables security.

  2. Given a scenario, describe IBM Storwize family advanced functions.

  3. Given a scenario, explain components and functions included in a standard software license, and what is optional and/or chargeable.

  4. Given a scenario, compare and contrast the difference between block level functionality and file level functionality.

  5. Given a scenario, describe advanced usage of IBM Spectrum Storage Family (including IBM Spectrum Control, IBM Spectrum Protect and IBM Spectrum Virtualize) with IBM Storwize family.

Solution Design (27%)

  1. Given a scenario, create an IBM Storwize system solution to meet customer requirements.

  2. Given a scenario, evaluate drive types and RAID configurations to meet customer and solution requirements.

  3. Given a scenario, identify networking protocols required to meet customer requirements.

  4. Given a scenario, describe the IBM Storwize family replication and migration considerations.

  5. Demonstrate knowledge of pre-sales tools and resources.

Basic Implementation (18%)

  1. Given a scenario, perform basic configuration tasks associated with the IBM Storwize family.

  2. Given a scenario, gather basic installation requirements.

  3. Demonstrate knowledge of integration with other storage hardware and software products.

  4. Demonstrate knowledge of post-sales tools and resources.


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