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Test C2140-834: Object Oriented Analysis and Design - Part 2 (Design)

Note: This test will be withdrawn on Nov 30 2015.

The test consists of six sections containing a total of approximately 60 multiple-choice questions. The percentages after each section reflect the approximate distribution of the total question set across the sections. 

Section1: Identify Design Elements (17%)

  1. Identify classes and subsystems

  2. Identify subsystem interfaces

  3. Update the organization of the Design Model

Section 2: Identify Design Mechanisms (8%)

  1. Categorize clients of analysis mechanisms

  2. Document architectural mechanisms

Section 3: Distribution (17%)

  1. Define the network configuration

  2. Allocate processes to nodes

  3. Define the distribution mechanism

Section 4: Use Case Design (22%)

  1. Describe interaction among design objects

  2. Simplify sequence diagrams using subsystems

  3. Describe persistence-related behavior

  4. Refine the flow of events description

  5. Unify classes and subsystems

Section 5: Subsystem Design (11%)

  1. Distribute subsystem behavior to subsystem elements

  2. Document subsystem elements

  3. Describe subsystem dependencies

Section 6: Class Design (25%)

  1. Create Initial Design Classes

  2. Define Operations

  3. Define Methods

  4. Define States

  5. Define Attributes

  6. Define Dependencies

  7. Define Associations

  8. Define Internal Structure

  9. Define Generalizations

  10. Resolve Use-Case Collisions

  11. Handle Nonfunctional Requirements in General


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