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Test C2140-053: Rational Team Concert V3

Note: This test will be withdrawn on Dec 31 2013.
The replacement test is: (C2140-820) Rational Team Concert V4

Section 1 - Understanding Rational Team Concert Capabilities (10%)

Section 2 - Managing Work Items (10%)

  1. Work items basics including creating work items, types, history, notification

  2. Searching for work items

  3. Traceability

  4. Exporting work items

  5. Work items and the relationship to plans

Section 3 - Managing Jazz Source Control (10%)

Section 4 - Managing the Build Environment (10%)

Section 5 - Project Planning Strategies (10%)

Section 6 - Creating Reports and Dashboards (10%)

  1. Reporting component capabilities, including creating and customizing templates

  2. Dashboard capabilities, including types, modifying, and customizing templates

Section 7 - Creating and Configuring Project and Team Areas (20%)

Section 8 - Customizing Project Areas and Process Templates (20%)

  1. Process Template Management

  2. Agile Practice Support

  3. Roles and Permissions

  4. Work Item Type Definition

  5. Process Enforcement

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