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Test C2140-046: DOORS v9

Note: This test will be withdrawn on Mar 31 2015.

Section 1 - Requirements Management basics (10%)

  1. Importance of RM.

  2. How RM fits in lifecycle

  3. Basic RM Lifecycle

  4. Characteristics of good requirements

  5. Writing pitfalls

Section 2 - DOORS Installation (10%)

  1. Identify the system and software requirements upon which the client and server can be installed

  2. Install the DOORS server

  3. Install the DOORS client

  4. Define backup strategy for DOORS

  5. Define migration steps to migrate DOORS 8.3 to 9.x

  6. Create an additional DOORS Server

  7. Create a DOORS Shortcut to point to new Server

Section 3 - DOORS Setup (10%)

  1. Define the three user types

  2. Define the six levels of access (RMCDA and None)

  3. Create DOORS users and groups

  4. Set access rights on a group

  5. Define best practice for setting access rights

  6. Modify registry of server to all archive on server

Section 4 - Schema Definition (15%)

  1. Define criteria for including migrating information in DOORS

  2. With an example set of documents, define a schema diagram

  3. Define purpose of link module, linkset and link

  4. Specify differences between Projects and Folders

  5. Specify what type of user can create Projects, Folders and modules

  6. Define attributes needed

  7. Define views needed

Section 5 - Schema Implementation (15%)

  1. Create the projects, folders, modules and link modules to support schema

  2. Define default linkset pairings

  3. Enforce the link schema in the project

  4. Create the attributes in one module

  5. Create a custom DXL attribute

  6. Import attribute definitions

  7. Create a view defined from schema definition

  8. Insert a Layout DXL Column from Layout DXL Library

  9. Demonstrate how to modify Layout DXL column

  10. Convert Public to Custom View

  11. Set access rights at project

Section 6 - DOORS Operations (25%)

  1. Create links according to schema using drag/drop and menu

  2. Create compound filter to show missing requirements

  3. Create two traceability columns one for inlinks and one for outlinks, filter and save view

  4. Perform three level recursive traceability

  5. Define Suspect link

  6. Perform suspect link analysis, filtering on suspect links, analyzing and clearing suspect links

  7. Perform group attribute operation on a current view

  8. Explain process for Exporting from Word to DOORS

  9. Reformat a Word document to optimize export to DOORS

  10. Export a document from Word to DOORS

  11. Perform round trip operation from DOORS to spreadsheets and back again

  12. Submit a discussion comment

  13. Close a discussion

  14. Insert discussion column and filter on the column contents

  15. Export project data to HTML

  16. Access history through change bars and properties for module and objects

  17. Generate report on history of module filtering on dates

  18. Modify the prefix of module

  19. Create Test Case Definitons and Entry Form

  20. Perform two test runs then run test run comparison

Section 7 - DOORS Management (15%)

  1. Define user type(s) and access rights needed for CPS

  2. Setup and configure CPS for two formal modules

  3. Submit a single change

  4. Submit a group change against several object in same module

  5. Submit master group change

  6. Review, approve and apply all changes.

  7. Define a baseline set definition for the modules in Project

  8. Baseline individual module as part of baseline set

  9. Baseline remaining modules en masse

  10. Perform a compare modules

  11. Setup module for shareable editing at level 1

  12. Disable shareable editing for the sections

  13. Perform project archive to archive on server

  14. Create partition definition

  15. Partition out and import partition in second DB

  16. Modify data, synchronize then return partition


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