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Test C2090-423: Information Analyzer v8.5

Note: This test will be withdrawn on Apr 30 2016.
The replacement test is: (C2090-305) IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer v9.1

The test contains six sections totalling approximately 59 multiple-choice questions.  The percentages after each section title reflect the approximate distribution of the total question set across the sections.

Section 1 - Environment (10%)

  1. List key components and configuration steps

  2. Given a scenario, describe how to plan for a large data environment

  3. Identify the minimum requirements for installation

Section 2 - Data Setup (10%)

  1. Identify steps necessary to make data sources available for analysis

  2. Given a scenario, describe project activity security

Section 3 - Profiling Process (29%)

  1. Identify the purposes of each analysis

  2. Interpret system flag icons throughout the system

  3. Identify the common steps that are needed to perform data profiling in IA

  4. Given a scenario, describe the process needed to assess and use data profiling results

Section 4 - Data Rules / Monitoring (29%)

  1. Describe the purpose of data rule validation

  2. Given a scenario, describe the process to implement and deploy the data rule

  3. Identify the steps needed to implement data rule monitoring and baselining

  4. Identify the steps needed to perform data rule execution

  5. Describe the purpose and process of exception management

Section 5 - Populating / Reporting / Publishing (15%)

  1. Demonstrate how to populate/report/publish to IS

  2. Demonstrate knowledge of content creation and scheduling

  3. Given a scenario, describe the process to deliver outputs to a broad community

Section 6 - Troubleshooting / Tuning (7%)

  1. Given a scenario, demonstrate troubleshooting techniques

  2. Given a scenario, demonstrate system and process tuning techniques


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