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Test C2040-416: IBM Kenexa LMS and LCMS Premier Fundamentals

Note: This test will be withdrawn on Apr 30 2015.
The replacement test is: (P2040-766) IBM Kenexa LCMS LMS ISL Technical Sales Mastery Test v1

Exam C2040-416: IBM Kenexa LMS and LCMS Premier Fundamentals

Exam Competencies

Exam Type: Multiple Choice

Description: Covers IBM Kenexa LMS and LCMS Premier  material as it relates to these competency areas: 

  • LMS System Administrator
  • LMS Training Administrator
  • LMS Manager
  • LMS Social Administration
  • LCMS Portal Administration
  • LCMS Authoring

LMS System Administrator (21%)

  1. Manage pending approval requests and personal filters

  2. Identify and manage system options (determines appearance, web conferencing options, and more)

  3. Create and manage custom fields and layouts (determines available selection and visibility options across portal)

  4. Create and manage workflow rules (determines approval process for any content)

  5. Manage notifications (determines emails sent to user upon various trigger events)

  6. Create, manage, and import members and organizations (determines the member profile, level of access, and organizational hierarchy throughout the portal)

  7. Create and manage surveys (enables member feedback in general matters, or regarding courses/members)

  8. Create, manage, and run reports (determines the scope of reporting for various needs)

LMS Training Administrator (18%)

  1. Create, manage, and import catalogs (TA-created groupings of courses/curricula)

  2. Create and manage curricula (TA-created groupings of courses)

  3. Create and manage courses and categories (TA-created containers of online, independent, ILT, and VILT offerings and the categories used to sort them)

  4. Manage instructor assignment to ILT and VILT course offerings

  5. Create and manage facility, equipment, and equipment category data

  6. Manage instructor schedule and profiles

  7. Manage single and bulk enrollment/withdrawal from learning content (includes courses and curricula)

LMS Manager (13%)

  1. Create and manage automatic enrollment settings

  2. Create, manage, and import skill and job competencies and manage proficiency model mapping

  3. Manage member proficiency profiles

  4. Manage student enrollments to courses, curricula, and catalogs

  5. Create and manage education plans (Manage created groups of courses and curricula assigned to members)

LMS Social Administration (10%)

  1. Create and manage knowledge bank modules

  2. Create and manage publishing and presentation modules

  3. Create and manage groups and roles

LCMS Portal Administration (9%)

  1. Create and manage an LCMS role

  2. Create personalization profiles

  3. Export LCMS content as SCORM with appropriate LCMS viewers and LCMS themes

  4. Define LCMS content delivery using LCMS viewer and/or themes

  5. Configure an LCMS for Data Movement

LCMS Authoring (29%)

  1. Create and manage an LCMS metadata schema and apply it at LCMS object levels

  2. Demonstrate how to Import LCMS content from MSWord at appropriate levels

  3. Use the LCMS HTML editor to reformat text in an LCMS description element

  4. Create an LCMS Media Request

  5. Create LCMS interactive elements

  6. Create an LCMS drag and drop element

  7. Create and configure an LCMS assessment object at the appropriate level

  8. Create a Link to LCMS assessment elements into an LCMS assessment

  9. Create and manage an LCMS task

  10. Configure LCMS content for review

  11. Create and manage LCMS layouts

  12. Create and apply a publishing profile

  13. Create and save an LCMS advanced search using appropriate parameters


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