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Test C2020-205: IBM Cognos 8 Controller Technical Specialist

Note: This test will be withdrawn on Jan 31 2015.

A Cognos 8 Controller Technical Specialist is responsible for the installation and configuration of Cognos 8 Controller products. Candidates that achieve this level of certification are expected to be able to participate as an effective team member on a Cognos product installation engagement.

The Cognos 8 Controller Technical Specialist exam covers key concepts, technologies, and functionality of the Cognos products. In preparation for an exam, we recommend a combination of training and hands-on experience, and a detailed review of product documentation.

Architecture (15%)

  1. Describe the function of required third-party supporting software

  2. Describe how work is distributed across various controller components

  3. Describe how to secure Controller for a distributed client base

Conformance (13%)

  1. Identify required third-party software components that are needed to install and configure Cognos 8 Controller

  2. Identify supported Controller databases providers

  3. Identify supported security providers

Installation and configuration (64%)

  1. Describe how to configure Controller for Cognos 8 integration

  2. Describe the integration of Controller security with Cognos 8 security

  3. Describe the process for creating Controller's databases

  4. Describe steps in configuring the client workstation

  5. Describe steps in configuring the web server for Controller

  6. Describe the installation process for upgrades

  7. Describe steps to configure COM+ Component Services for Cognos Controller

Troubleshooting (6%)

  1. Troubleshoot third-party supporting software

  2. Identify troubleshooting strategies and plot go-forward plans

  3. Identify methods to verify that Controller Web Services are functioning

Tuning (2%)

  1. Identify methods of improving performance for the Controller database


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