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Test C2020-105: IBM Cognos 8 BI Technical Specialist

Note: This test will be withdrawn on Dec 31 2014.

A Cognos 8 BI Technical Specialist is responsible for the installation and configuration of Cognos 8 BI products. Candidates that achieve this level of certification are expected to be able to participate as an effective team member on a Cognos product installation engagement.

Architecture (54%)

  1. In a multi-tiered structure, describe proven practices related to Webserver, AppServer, and data

  2. Identify dispatcher requirements and displacement

  3. Describe the types and requirements for Content Store and Metric Store communications

  4. Describe the workings and protocols of Content Manager

  5. Describe the communication in Windows-based interfaces

  6. Describe the test procedure for web-based interfaces

  7. Describe logging methods

  8. Describe the purpose of Cryptography

  9. Describe the function of CAF

  10. Describe the compatibility issues that can occur with security protocol set up

  11. Describe load balancing methods

  12. Describe the Cognos 8 reporting flow processes

Installation (23%)

  1. Describe multi-server installations

  2. Describe installation and configuration processes

  3. Describe the process of setting up and testing samples

Configuration (11%)

  1. Describe the configuration of Cognos 8 BI and its environment

  2. Describe the testing methods prior to startup

Tuning and Testing (7%)

  1. Describe the tuning procedures for the Cognos 8 system

Troubleshooting (5%)

  1. Identify troubleshooting strategies and plot go-forward plans


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