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Test C2020-012: IBM SPSS Modeler Data Analysis for Business Partners v2

Business Understanding (5%)

  1. Review the CRISP methodology

General Operations in Modeler (20%)

  1. Build streams

  2. Run streams

  3. Read different types of files into Modeler

Data Understanding (30%)

  1. Extent of missing data

  2. Outliers

  3. Field distribution and summary statistics

  4. Auto checking for missing and out of bounds data

  5. Bivariate relationships between variables

Data Preparation (40%)

  1. Create new variables with the Derive Node

  2. Create new variables with the Reclassify Node

  3. Combine data files

  4. Restructure data

  5. Aggregate data

  6. Remove duplicates

  7. Sampling cases

  8. Balance data

  9. Data caching

  10. Partitione data

  11. Missing Value replacement

Modeling (5%)

  1. Predictive models

  2. Cluster models

  3. Association models

  4. NOTE: Business partners who take this exam are only expected to familiar with each class of model and the steps that are necessary to prepare the data prior creating the models in the software.


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