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Test C2020-002: IBM Algo Financial Modeler Developer Fundamentals

Algo Financial Modeler (AFM) Concepts (37%)

  1. Identify the approach to assumptions and data

  2. Identify the role of modules in AFM

  3. Identify the role of portfolio variables in AFM

  4. Identify the role of Events in AFM

  5. Identify the role of Layers in AFM

  6. Identify the purpose of rollback variables

  7. Describe how to build an AFM model

Algo Financial Modeler (AFM) Standard Code (25%)

  1. Identify the best process for using Standard Code

Algo Financial Modeler (AFM) Troubleshooting (25%)

  1. Describe generator errors and their resolution

  2. Describe runtime errors and their resolution

  3. Describe different troubleshooting techniques

Algo Financial Modeler (AFM) Outputs (13%)

  1. Identify the types of output

  2. Describe the use of output


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