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Test C2010-023: IBM Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure Support Provider Tools and Processes

Study Guide for the certification test.

Below are the high level objectives for this exam. We recommend reviewing the Study Guide for more detailed information on the test objectives to provide a better idea of the content which will be covered on the exam.

Section 1: Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure Worldwide Customer Support Overview

  1. Support Provider's Level 1 and Level 2 roles and responsibilities.

  2. Options available to our customers to obtain IBM customer support.

Section 2: Support Provider's Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Support Provider Level 1 support procedures and problem determination activities.

  2. Support Provider's Level 2 support procedures and problem determination activities.

Section 3: Terminology

  1. Knowledge of various IBM Support terms and definitions.

Section 4: Support Tools

  1. Knowledgebase and Documentation

  2. RSS feeds, IBM Support Assistant, IBM Education Assistant, Assist on Site, Support Technical Exchanges

  3. IBM developerWorks, communities, Wikis, Webcasts and Maintenance Delivery Vehicles (MDVs) utilized by IBM support

  4. Service Request (SR) and Ecurep

Section 5: IBM Software Support Lifecycle Policy

  1. Enhanced and Standard Support Lifecycle policies.

  2. EOS (End of Service)

Section 6: Accessing IBM Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure Level 2 Support Procedures

  1. Processes for Level 1 and 2 Support Providers to access IBM Support.

  2. IBM's standard Severity definitions and their associated response goals.

Section 7: PMR Escalation

  1. Escalation of a PMR using the Duty Manager and CSPO process.


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