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Test C2010-023: IBM Tivoli Support Provider Tools and Processes

Section 1: Tivoli Worldwide Customer Support Overview

  1. Support Provider's Level 1 and Level 2 roles and responsibilities.

  2. Options available to our customers to obtain IBM customer support.

Section 2: Support Provider's Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Support Provider Level 1 support procedures and problem determination activities.

  2. Support Provider's Level 2 support procedures and problem determination activities.

Section 3: Terminology

  1. Knowledge of various IBM Tivoli Support terms and definitions.

Section 4: Support Tools

  1. Knowledgebase and Documentation @RSSfeeds, IBM Support Assistant, IBM Education Assistant, Assist on Site, Support Technical Exchanges

  2. IBM developerWorks and communities such as Wikis and Webcasts @Maintenance Delivery Vehicles (MDVs) utilized by Tivoli support

  3. ESR/SR and Ecurep

Section 5: IBM Software Support Lifecycle Policy

  1. Enhanced and Standard Support Lifecycle policies.

  2. EOS (End of Service)

Section 6: Accessing IBM Tivoli Level 2 Support Procedures

  1. Processes for Level 1 and 2 Support Providers to access IBM Tivoli Support. @IBM Tivoli's standard Severity definitions and their associated response goals.

Section 7: PMR Escalation

  1. Escalation of a PMR using the Duty Manager and CSPO process.


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