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Test 000-176: IBM Worklight V5.0.0.3 Mobile Application Development

Note: This test will be withdrawn on Nov 30 2013.
The replacement test is: (000-278) IBM Worklight V6.0 Mobile Application Development

The test consists of six sections containing a total of 54 multiple-choice questions. The percentages after each section title reflect the approximate distribution of the total question set across the sections.

Section 1 - Development Environment Set Up (6%)

  1. Describe Worklight V5.0.0.3 offerings.

  2. Install Worklight V5.0.0.3 Studio.

  3. Install Worklight V5.0.0.3 server.

Section 2 - Client-Side Development (35%)

  1. Build a user interface using Rich Page Editor.

  2. Use code optimization.

  3. Create skins.

  4. Use common controls.

  5. Use Apache Cordova.

  6. Use offline access.

  7. Use encrypted cache.

  8. Use client side Worklight V5.0.0.3 API.

  9. Describe how to globalize an application.

  10. Invoke adapter from the client-side.

  11. Combine native and web page.

  12. Push notification.

Section 3 - Testing and Debugging (17%)

  1. Preview an application using the Mobile Browser Simulator.

  2. Preview an application on the device emulator.

  3. Preview an application on the device.

  4. Use Worklight V5.0.0.3 debugging tools.

  5. Use client side debugging on the device.

Section 4 - Server-Side Development (13%)

  1. Develop and deploy HTTP adapters.

  2. Develop and deploy SQL adapters.

  3. Invoke Java code from adapters.

  4. Chain adapters.

  5. Debug adapters.

Section 5 - Application Security (15%)

  1. Use authentication methods.

  2. Implement Form-Based Authentication.

  3. Implement Adapter-Based Authentication.

  4. Define Custom Authentication and Login module.

Section 6 - Application Management and Deployment (15%)

  1. Package an application for deployment.

  2. Use Worklight Server.

  3. Describe how to enable application analytics.

  4. Managing the application lifecycle.

  5. Describe capabilities of the Application Center.

  6. Update an application.


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