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Test C4030-671: IBM Systems Networking Sales V1

Note: This test will be withdrawn on Dec 31 2014.

The recommended education is a valuable way to prepare for the certification exam.  The education cannot provide the experience needed to succeed on the exam, and completion of recommended education will not guarantee success on the exam.

The education recommended is not required for every candidate.  Those with strong existing skills in components of networking may not require courses related to those skills.

There are no charge online courses that provide easily accessed education at the convenience of the candidate. There are  fee based classroom class which may be attractive to those who prefer the traditional class room environment and who's schedule matches with the class schedule.

Access for IBM Employees

Access for IBM Business Partners

Classroom Course

Course title: Introduction to Networking

Course duration: 2 Days

Course number: XTRN0G


Introduction to Networking lays the foundation for all courses related to networking. This course will enable better understanding of the theoretical concepts involved in the working of major technologies and protocols related to networking.

This course will provide a broad overview of computer networking while concentrating on a few important theoretical aspects. This will involve an introduction to the basic components of networking focussing on understanding the generic hierarchical view, after which the focus will shift to each of these layers and their functions.

The course also features an Introduction to Data Link Layer concepts, Storage Area Networks, Local Area Networks, Virtual Local Area Networks, TCP/IP, Applications, Network Management and Security.

Course title: IBM System Networking Implementation

Course duration: 3 days

Course number: XTRN1

Abstract: IBM System Networking provides the essential data and storage networking solutions under the IBM brand to connect servers to servers, servers to storage and storage to storage and to provide complete interoperability with core networks. IBM System Networking offers a compelling alternative for clients seeking more efficient data centers with the greatest business value and lowest total cost of ownership for their datacenter networks. IBM System Networking enables an open, standards-based approach to: Simplify management Optimize and automate virtualization Flatten and converge the network This course discusses the features, functions, and configuration of selected IBM System Networking RackSwitches and BladeCenter network switches. The course will include a review of the current offerings of IBM System Networking switches, basic switch administration, configuration of selected layer 2 and layer 3 functions, and discussion related to advanced features like VMready and vNIC with Virtual Fabric.

Online course

Course title: Winning the Networking fight with IBM System Networking

Course duration: 68 minutes

Course number: ltu32982

Abstract: A short introduction on market trends, IBM Strategy, IBM Portfolio (include IBM assets and our Partners), questions to ask clients to identify and qualify opportunities, how to play a role of consultant and resources to assist you in your sales efforts.

Course title: Evolution of Convergence (LAN & SAN)

Course duration: 35 minutes

Course number: ltu33655

Abstract: This session will discuss the trends that we are seeing in the area of LAN and SAN convergence, plus some of the predictions we see moving forward. It is important to understand what clients are looking for and some of the solutions that IBM has today, with a glimpse of were things are headed. Plus some of the IBM competitive advantages.

Course title: IBM System Networking RackSwitch G8316

Course duration: 29 minutes

Course number: ltu35485

Abstract: This session will introduce you to the IBM RackSwitch G8316 switch provide you details on its features, options that are supported with it and a high level understanding of how clients might use it in their networking architecture. Also highlighted are IBM Networking OS, IBM System Networking Element Manager and a little competitive comparison information.

Course title: IBM System Networking RackSwitch G8264T

Course duration: 27 minutes

Course number: ltu35799

Abstract: Learn about the new IBM RackSwitch G8264Tthe new addition to the IBM System Networking portfolio and IBM's first 10GBase-T switch. This switch provides flexible connectivity across distances up to 100m at a low cost makes the G8264T an optimal choice for connecting high-speed server and storage devices. In this session we will cover the positioning, deep dive into the specs and options, competitive comparisons, positioning 10GBase-T vs. SFP+ and how it pairs up with IBM servers and storage to deliver a strong IBM solution for our clients.

Course title: IBM System Networking Virtual Distributed Switch 5000V

Course duration: 32 minutes

Course number: ltu35801

Abstract: This session will discuss how 5000V addresses certain clients virtualization pain points, how to position the product, how is works, in addition to some of the unique capabilities it offers in the market place.

Course title: IBM System Networking Master Virtualization Overview

Course duration: 58 minutes

Course number: ltu36008

Abstract: IBM System Networking's Virtualization Vision, Virtual Fabric, VMReady, and how you can utilize System Networking to grow your business will be discussed.

Course title: IBM System Networking Basics & Fundamentals

Course duration: 41 minutes

Course number: ltu36010

Abstract: This module gives the System Networking novice a basic understanding of modern networking technology, its key components, terminology, and how the IBM portfolio can be utilized in the data center.

Course title: IBM System Networking Technical Competitive Overview

Course duration: 37 minutes

Course number: ltu36012

Abstract: This course is an overview of the major System Networking industry competitors for the technical point of view.

Course title: The Importance of Selling System Networking

Course duration: 7 minutes

Course number: ltu36368

Abstract: Why we should be selling IBM System Networking with IBM servers. This panel discussion will take a look at: 1) some of the advantages of selling IBM System Networking 2) What to look for at your clients to identify opportunities 3) synergic with IBM servers 4) how IBM System Networking can help you with expertise

Course title: IBM System Networking's role in Convergence

Note: Education for IBMers

Course duration: 7 minutes

Course number: ltu36369

Abstract: A discussion IBM® role and strategies around convergence. This panel discussion will: 1) take a look at were convergence is headed 2) IBM's role in convergence 3) some of the different technologies used for convergence.

Course title: IBM System Networking UCS Competitive Attack Clinic

Course duration: 61 minutes

Course number: ltu37002

Abstract: Listen to the IBM Systems Network CTO/IBM Fellow and the Systems Networking Competitive Sales leader review the threat of Cisco UCS and how to win in a competitive battle.

Course title: IBM System Networking Expert Integrated System

Course duration: 47 minutes

Course number: ltu37065

Abstract: This is the initial training for IBMers for the Systems Network Component of the IBM Expert Integrated System. We will be discussing the I/O flow server and chassis; deep dive on our switches; understanding physical & logical partitions; and what other features are included.

Course title: Networking OS 7.2 Technology Deep Dive Update

Course duration: 25 minutes

Course number: ltu37513

Abstract: The IBM Networking OS 7.2 deep dive will provide a closer look at ways to optimize traffic flows and other layer 3 enhancements to increase network performance

Course title: Entry Level SAN Switch for Private Cloud Storage Overview

Course duration: 32 minutes

Course number: ltu37629

Abstract: Attend this session to learn about IBM® ™ new entry-level SAN switch. One of the key target environments is Private Cloud Storage. The SAN24B-5 provides outstanding price/performance value; combining flexibility; simplicity and enterprise-class functionality in an entry-level switch. Designed to enable maximum flexibility and reliability; the SAN24B-5 is configurable in 12 or 24 ports and supports 2; 4; 8; or 16 Gbps speeds in an efficiently designed 1U package.

Course title: IBM System Networking OpenFlow Presentation

Course duration: 32 minutes

Course number: ltu38292

Abstract: In this session we will cover the latest in Data Center Networking: SDN (Software Defined Networking). We will cover in depth IBM's SDN strategy and present a demo on OpenFlow technology. We will also cover the latest in SDN from industry perspective to give you an up to date assessment of competitive landscape.

Course title: IBM Brocade Converged FCoE Solutions - Seller Presentation

Course duration: 26 minutes

Course number: ltu38373

Abstract: Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) continues to gain Data Center administrator focus as they look to simplify management and protect storage investments by utilizing existing SAN infrastructure. IBM is partnering with Brocade, an industry-leading SAN Switch provider, to deliver proven converged data center solutions. In this session, we cover how IBM delivers end-to-end FCoE tested solutions with latest System x servers, Brocade VDX 6730 Converged switches, IBM System Networking switches, IBM System Storage SAN b-type and Brocade SAN switches and IBM Storage

Course title: A Smarter Network For a Smarter Planet - Cloud Computing

Course duration: 40 minutes

Course number: ltu38392

Abstract: IBM has a renewed focus on helping clients who want to take advantage of the immense cost advantages offered by Cloud-based delivery of IT. After a short introduction of “Who is IBM System Networking”, then this presentation describes what is Cloud, why is it important now, and the networking requirements for Cloud computing. Specifically this presentation will cover how IBM System Networking addresses the key cloud requirements of Performance, Flexibility, Scalability, Manageability, and Efficiency.

Course title: Competing Against Cisco UCS: UCS 3.0 Rebuttal

Course duration: 29 minutes

Course number: ltu38393

Abstract: Cisco Systems, by some accounts, has up to 70% of the WW networking market. If your customer has Cisco network, VMware, EMC or NetApp storage, you are at risk. Do not assume Cisco will sell server through the data center, they sell though networking, SW and storage partner, and virtual desktop contacts. This presentation will help you compete against Cisco UCS in the marketplace by 1) Knowing Why Networking Matters, 2) Understand Cisco Claims and our rebuttals regarding UCS, VDI, and Cloud, and 3) Knowing System Networking Selling points against Cisco UCS

Course title: Fibre Channel SAN Portfolio and Why IBM

Course duration: 32 minutes

Course number: ltu38856

Abstract: The objective of the course are to help the student: 1) Understand the positioning of the IBM FC SAN product portfolio 2) Describe the importance of Cloud Optimized FC SAN Solutions 3) Review the recent IBM SAN Announcements 4) Describe the key advantages of IBM SAN products vs Competition 5) Understand the significance of interoperability and qualification testing and why IBM has the advantage


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