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Test C2170-050: IBM i2 COPLINK Detect V4.x

It is highly recommended that you use a variety of resources to prepare for certification exams. 

It is first recommended that you are familiar with:

  1. the job role description and the parameters this certification is based on.
  2. the test objectives/skills measured on the test. Use this as your checklist to determine your strengths, and identify those areas where you may need to focus more attention in your studies and preparation.

Next, use the recommended training resources on this page to further your knowledge.  The recommended courses are: 9I36G and/or 9S205G.  The courses along with the other educational sources are recommended, but not required before taking a certification test.  Determine for yourself how much preparation you require. 

It is important to note that actual hands-on experience is a critical component in preparing for the exam. Direct application of the skills learned cannot be substituted by any resources listed here. You must spend time using the product and applying the skills learned. The exam is designed to measure hands-on experience, or how well you know how to perform job-related tasks.


  • Frequently Asked COPLINK Questions Handout

This handout is distributed to students who attend the 9T211 course; it is not available online.

  • COPLINK Tips and Tricks

If you subscribe to the COPLINK Tips and Tricks email blast, you are encouraged to review the articles, specifically:

  • Using the Timeline Feature in COPLINK Visualizer (Jun 13, 2011)
  • Using Find Path (Oct 17, 2011)
  • Detect Query Options (Jan 3, 2012)

Classroom Course

Course title: IBM i2 COPLINK Detect Essentials

Course duration: 2 Days

Course number: 9I36G

Abstract: This 2-day self-paced virtual course (SPVC) provides a fully functioning COPLINK anonymized database to practice the skills required for using the Detect program; search existing databases, develop tactical lead generation for fighting crime, detect relationships among people, places and things and share information with other agencies.

Course title: i2 COPLINK Detect Refresher

Course duration: 0.5 Days

Course number: 9S205G

Abstract: Refresher course for Law Enforcement Personnel that provides you with an opportunity to review the basic functionality and try some hands-on exercises.

Product Documentation

  • IBM i2 COPLINK - Product User Guide

You are encouraged to study the IBM i2 COPLINK product user guide and/or help files before taking this exam.


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