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Test C2140-046: DOORS v9

Note: This test will be withdrawn on Mar 31 2015.

Classroom Course

Course title: Telelogic DOORS Foundation

Course duration: 1 Day

Course number: QN160

Abstract: The Telelogic DOORS Foundation user course is designed to introduce you to the basic concepts of using Telelogic DOORS. This includes those who expect to use DOORS infrequently or those who will be making use of it daily.

Course title: Telelogic DOORS Practitioner

Course duration: 1 Day

Course number: QN110

Abstract: The Telelogic DOORS Practitioner course builds on the foundation level and is designed to take you to your next development stage. This course demonstrates the use of many additional Telelogic DOORS functions, including using external applications for data manipulation. It also includes examples of advanced linking and project management.

Course title: Telelogic DOORS IT Manager

Course duration: 1 Day

Course number: QN125

Abstract: This course is designed for those responsible for the provision and maintenance of the Telelogic DOORS facilities. This will involve solution deployment, availability and data integrity. In addition, it may also involve account management.


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