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Test C2090-617: DB2 10 System Administrator for z/OS

Note: This test will be withdrawn on Apr 30 2016.
The replacement test is: (C2090-317) DB2 11 System Administrator for z/OS

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Course title: New Functions and Features in DB2 11 for z/OS

Course duration: 3 Days

Course number: CV320G

Abstract: Learn about the new features and enhancements of DB2 11 for z/OS, including the technical detail of the functional enhancements of this significant new version of DB2 for z/OS.

Product Documentation

Welcome to the DB2® 10 for z/OS® (DB2 for z/OS) information, where you can find topics that you need to use DB2 for z/OS. By using this information, you can install or migrate to Version 10 of DB2 for z/OS, develop and run application programs, and administer and operate DB2 databases and subsystems. These topics can also be found in DB2 for z/OS PDF books.


IBM® DB2® Version 10.1 for z/OS® (DB2 10 for z/OS or just DB2 10 throughout this book) is the fourteenth release of DB2 for MVS™. It brings improved performance and synergy with the System z® hardware and more opportunities to drive business value in the following areas: Cost savings and compliance through optimized innovations; Business insight innovations; Business resiliency innovation. The DB2 10 environment is available either for brand new installations of DB2, or for migrations from DB2 9 for z/OS or from DB2 UDB for z/OS Version 8 subsystems. This IBM Redbooks® publication introduces the enhancements made available with DB2 10 for z/OS. The contents help you understand the new functions and performance enhancements, start planning for exploiting the key new capabilities, and justify the investment in installing or migrating or skip migrating to DB2 10.

The DB2® pureXML® feature offers sophisticated capabilities to store, process and manage XML data in its native hierarchical format. By integrating XML data intact into a relational database structure, users can take full advantage of DB2's relational data management features. In this IBM® Redbooks® publication, we document the steps for the implementation of a simple but meaningful XML application scenario. We have chosen to provide samples in COBOL and Java™ language. The purpose is to provide an easy path to follow to integrate the XML data type for the traditional DB2 for z/OS® user. We also add considerations for the data administrator and suggest best practices for ease of use and better performance.

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