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Test C2090-556: Informix 11.50 Application Developer

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An IBM Certified Application Developer for Informix 11.50 should have significant experience with intermediate or advanced level skills in developing applications that interact with Informix databases. This individual has strong skills in Informix SQL and in database application development concepts as well as having knowledge of the extensibility features of Informix.

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This is an online course. Please do not make travel arrangements for this course. After you receive confirmation that you are enrolled, you will be sent further instructions to access audio, video and remote labs.

Get an introduction to the powerful features of Informix 4GL, a complete fourth-generation application development language. Using Informix 4GL, build an integrated application that features easy-to-use menus, data entry screens, reports, and online help, all with significantly less code than conventional programming languages require.

This course provides you with tools for developing Web applications using functions created in Informix 4GL. You will learn how to publish functions as Web services, and how to subscribe to and use services that have been published.

This is the classroom delivered version of Instructor Led Online course 3X15.

In this course, you will use IBM Informix ESQL/C tools to write applications that contain embedded SQL commands and queries. You will write applications to perform queries that return single and multiple rows; insert, update, and delete rows; create and use forms to display one or more rows of data; manage cursors, and handle various types of data, including large objects.

This course replaces IBM Informix Stored Procedures and Triggers (IX71). This course is the classroom version of Instructor led online course IBM Informix Stored Procedures and Triggers (3X71).

In this course, you will learn to write procedures, functions, and triggers using the Informix stored procedure language. These stored procedures can then be stored within the database server and accessed by database server users.

Product Documentation

Welcome to the IBM Informix v11.50 information center where you can find information that you need to use the Informix family of products and features. The documentation was updated for IBM Informix Version 11.50.xC7 (25 May 2010).


Publication number: SG24-7884

IBM® Informix® is a low-administration, easy-to-use, and embeddable database that is idea for application development. It supports a wide range of development platforms, such as Java™, .NET, PHP, and Web services, enabling developers to build database applications in their language of choice. Informix is designed to handle RDBMS data and XML out of the box, and can easily be extended to handle new data sets. This IBM Redbooks® publication provides fundamentals of Informix application development. It covers the Informix Clients installation and configuration for application development environments. It discusses the skills and techniques for building Informix applications with Java, ESQL/C, OLE DB, .NET, PHP, Ruby on Rails, DataBlade®, and Hibernate. Code examples are used to demonstrate how to develop an Informix application with various drivers, APIs, and interfaces. This book also provides application development trouble-shooting and considerations for performance.


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