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Test C2090-550: IBM solidDB and IBM solidDB Universal Cache

Note: This test will be withdrawn on Mar 31 2015.

This page is currently being updated to reflect the latest resources and courses available to help you prepare for this certification test.

Information Management certification exams for Business Partners, IBMers, and Customers, are based on experience in the Job Role defined for the exam. However, supporting courses and publications may help you prepare for the certification exam.  These courses are recommended, but not required, before attempting the certification exam. Completion of the supporting courses does not ensure that you will be successfully able to pass the certification exam.

Study Guide for the certification test.

All Course Formats

This is the classroom version of Instructor Led Online Course Exploring IBM solidDB Universal Cache - Instructor Led Online (3A23) and Flex Instructor Led Online Exploring IBM solidDB Universal Cache - Flexible Instructor Led Online (3N23) replaces course Exploring IBM solidDB Universal Cache (DA23)

This course is designed to instruct you on the reasons and methods used to install, configure, use, and troubleshoot the IBM solidDB and IBM solidDB Universal Cache products.

This course also addresses the basic knowledge needed to study for Certification Exam 550.

Web Resource

Welcome to the IBM® solidDB®6.3 and IBM solidDB Universal Cache 6.3 Information Center. Here you can find information describing how to use the IBM solidDB family of products and features.


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