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Test C2090-422: InfoSphere QualityStage v8.5

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Learn about QualityStage in its IBM Information Server environment. You will learn how to build QualityStage parallel jobs that investigate, standardize, match, and consolidate data records. You will gain hands-on experience by building an application that combines customer data from three source systems into a single master customer record.

This is a basic course for Data Analysts responsible for data quality using QualityStage.

This course was formerly course number QS420.

Get the training and hands-on experience necessary to:

condition non-name/address data view and interpret QualityStage reports and data files to optimize a QualityStage application's performance use advanced matching features to approach a multitude of data re-engineering challenges

This course builds on the Essentials course by focusing on development best practices: for the creation of custom rule sets, programming in pattern action language, testing the accuracy of and optimizing rule sets. Apply advanced matching concepts and best practices, including two file and array matching.

Course Materials

The course materials address Advanced QualityStage - Version 7.x. and are provided during course delivery.

Hands-On Labs

Several labs are included throughout the delivery to address and reinforce the skills discussed.

This is a basic course for programmer analysts, technical analysts, systems analysts, and Database Administrators (DBA).

Product Documentation

V8.5 DataStage/QualityStage (general) pdf docs of: Parallel Job Tutorial, Custom Operator Reference, Designer Client Guide, Parallel Job Advanced Developer's Guide, Parallel Job Developer's Guide, Programmer's Guide, Troubleshooting Guide, XML Pack Guide, Globalization Guide, Director Client Guide, and Administrator Client Guide


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