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Test C2070-443: IBM DB2 Content Manager V8.3

Note: This test will be withdrawn on Nov 30 2014.
The replacement test is: (C2070-987) IBM Content Manager V8.5

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This course is for those whose job includes responsibility for maintaining, monitoring, and configuring an operational Content Manager system. Maintenance tasks include administering users and groups, and maintaining all components of the various business processes or applications that run on the system. Monitoring tasks include ensuring that proper database sizing and backup parameters are met. Work with a fully functioning IBM Content Manager system to practice the skills required to administer, maintain, and troubleshoot an IBM Content Manager system.

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This series of articles is designed to prepare you for taking the IBM® DB2® Content Manager V8.3 certification exam 443. In addition, it provides a strong foundation for educating yourself on DB2 Content Manager, from understanding how to gather requirements for your content management system, to learning about the core products, to tuning and administering, to troubleshooting.


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