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Test C2040-951: IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8.5 Application Development Update

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Write client-side and server-side JavaScript in IBM Lotus Component Designer components. Employ DHTML skills to develop IBM WebSphere Portal components using Lotus Component Designer. This article is an introduction to writing client-side JavaScript in Lotus Component Designer

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Note: This course is not reimbursable through IBM PartnerWorld's "You Pass, We Pay" program.

Learn about all the new features in Domino Designer 8.5 including XPages. TLCC's new Notes-based update course will give you hands-on experience using the all new Domino Designer 8.5. TLCC's courses include many demonstrations and activities (no simulations!) you need to master Domino Designer 8.5

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This wiki is for you to learn about Domino application development, contribute to its knowledge base, and collaborate with others. It includes articles on using IBM Domino Designer, XPages, DXL, programming with Java, JavaScript, and LotusScript, and other topics related to building world class solutions with Domino applications. In addition, this wiki will help you create and deploy Domino applications and contains application design guidelines and best practices for developing both Notes Client and Web applications.

Access to downloads, libraries and solutions on this one-stop page for all Lotus Notes and Domino related information

This site showcases resources that will help you create and deploy composite applications, whether you are a novice or an expert, using Lotus Domino Designer, Lotus Expeditor, Eclipse, or WebSphere Portal. Here you can find and contribute information about basic concepts, the best ways to use the tools, instructions for common development and application deployment scenarios, samples, techniques, and troubleshooting information.


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