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Test C2040-918: Developing Portlets and Web Applications with IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory 7.0

Note: This test will be withdrawn on Aug 31 2014.
The replacement test is: (C2040-927) Developing Portlets and Web Applications with IBM Web Experience Factory 8.0

Lotus highly recommends using a variety of resources to prepare for certification exams. In all cases, you must start with the exam competencies to determine which tasks will be covered on the exams. Equally as important, actual hands-on experience is required. From there, we recommend that you choose from the following preparation options.

During your preparation, it is important that you review the exam competencies periodically to make sure that all of the material in the exam competencies is covered in your choice of preparation methods. It should be noted that there is not a one-to-one correspondence between these preparation methods and the exam.

Exam Objectives (Required)

Review the exam competencies to see the complete listing of possible topics for the exam. Use this as your checklist to determine your strengths and those areas where you will need to focus more attention in your studies and preparation. This information also includes recommend prerequisite skills and knowledge.

Experience (Required)

Actual hands-on experience is a critical component in preparing for the exam. Direct application of the skills learned cannot be substituted by any one other resource listed here. You must spend time using the product and applying the skills learned. The exam is looking to measure how well you know how to perform tasks, not how well you memorize features and functions.

Product Documentation

The release notes for version 7.0 includes a product overview, installation and configuration information, known problems, debugging, trouble shooting and more.

This page provides access to all product documentation for IBM WebSphere® Portlet Factory (previously known as Bowstreet Portlet Factory) and WebSphere Portlet Factory Designer. You can use the Portlet Factory or Portlet Factory Designer to quickly create portlets which access back-end data, such as Domino, SAP, Siebel, and other enterprise information systems.

Web Resource

Web Experience Factory support is the technical resource gateway. Use the support task navigator to find the information you need, when you need it. A focused search in Web Experience Factory support can be refined on the results page. You can also access advanced options by choosing Search in the support task navigator

Find information about installing, administering, and using IBM® WebSphere® Portlet Factory. Samples and techniques, best practices and demos can help those attempting to master WebSphere Portlet Factory, the Java™ Platform based portlet, widget, web and rich client development and customization environment.


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