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Test C2040-402: Administering IBM Connections 4.0

Courses and publications are offered to help you prepare for the certification tests. The courses are recommended, but not required, before taking a certification test. When preparing for the certification test, keep in mind that real world experience is required to stand a reasonable chance of passing the certification test.  Courseware does not replace the requirement for experience.  Please note that course offerings are continuously being added and updated.  If you want to purchase a training course, feel free to contact an IBM Global Training Provider.

Product Documentation

The IBM Connections Product Wiki contains product documentation describing features, planning, migration, installation, administration, integration, developer resources, day-to-day usage, and troubleshooting. The release notes for Connections 4.0 explain compatibility, installation, and other getting-started issues and are also located in the wiki.

Web Resource

This online resource contains demos, redbooks and videos devoted to WebSphere Application Server. You can also access WAS product documentation and analyst whitepapers.


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